She Wore Red or Romancing the Drink

Dear Readers,

My drink of choice was red wine.
Lots of red wine.

There was something very seducing about red wine.
She pulled me in, romancing me.
She shrieked of, “Oh Darling, you are beautiful tonight.”
She sparkled so prettily in the bottle, the glass.
She promised me a perfect night.
She said, “You are so funny!”


Of course, now I know the real truth.
Somewhere in my drinking story I tied wine to a wonderful time.
I have to be on guard for this seduction.
I do not want to be sucked back in.
I do not want to even start to entertain her calls to me.

She brought me pain.
Not at first, mind you.
Very slowly.
One glass at a time.

When I was drinking,
I couldn’t imagine life without alcohol.
How would I celebrate?
How would I have fun with friends?
How would I escape after a long, hard week?
How would I relax after a long day?

Thinking that alcohol is the way to 
Celebrate, have fun, relax,

Celebrating is about family, friends, being glad of an accomplishment.
Having fun is about laughing, being with people you enjoy, doing things you like.
Relaxing is about reading, mediating, napping.

For me,
Drinking has become unromantic.
All I need to do is to look at my bad list,
And it becomes clear.

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