Hopping and Rolling Along

Dear Readers,

My knee surgery is done. It went very well. I had a special kind of meniscus root repair, one that hopefully will be better than just shaving off the meniscus. You can read about it in this, article, written by my surgeon, Dr. LaPrade.

However, it is a long recovery time. I’m not allowed to put any weight on my repaired knee so I have only been able to put weight on the other leg. This means I depend on a walker, and have had to hop around for over 3 weeks, and I still have 3 more to go. It also means I am totally dependent on my nurse, doctor, caretaker, driver, cook, cleaner, laundress, lifter, and shower giver, Mr. UT!

We live in a split level house, so getting me up and down the stairs is crazy! Mr. UT has to lift me down to the floor, and I can then bump on my butt to the bottom step, where I get up on my good leg, and hop to the car. When I have to go up the stairs, I can sit and bump up, but then Mr. UT has to lift me up and hold me while I grab my walker, and start hopping!

It’s been a challenge to say the least!!! I will be able to start walking on both legs with my walker, on June 9th! I am so excited! I will have another 4 months of recovery before I will be able to go golfing, biking, yoga, etc. In the meantime, I’m able to lift upper body weights using a machine.

I was a bit down after I realized how long I’d have to wait to be as active as I would like. However, I always reset my mindset. This was my 15th surgery. Recovery is never short. This has been one of the hardest physical recoveries, because I CAN’T HOP! I can’t jump either!! LOL

My hardest mental recovery was definitely after my first cochlear implant, where the surgery itself made me completely deaf and the implant left me unable to hear music anymore. I went into a very long depression for almost 2 years, before I was able to climb out.

What I learned from that was to always, focus on what I have and what I can do now. Yes, grieve for what was, but keep looking upwards and outwards.

I took all of the down time I have been having to finally write a children’s poem book. I am so excited. I don’t know how I will sell it, or even if I will, because I have to print on demand, and that is expensive. I included a photo of the cover for you!

It’s been so fun and rewarding to see my poems in print with cute graphics.

Mr. UT just came home from grocery shopping and brought me a coffee! We are headed out for a stroll, with Mr. UT pushing me in a transport chair! LOL

At least he is getting some exercise!

With a Sore Bumping Butt,

On Day 3153,


18 thoughts on “Hopping and Rolling Along

  1. I’m happy that all went well in your surgery and hope that “time flies” for you just for next couple of months! Congratulations on your book- great cover, Wendy. PS Don’t let Mr. UT wear himself out!💜

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  2. Big hugs to you, Wendy. My goodness that is definitely a lot to go through. You definitely have the right attitude and focus to get through it. So happy for you on your new book. Congratulations my friend🤗❤️

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  3. That’s a lot of bumping and hopping along! Glad you’re halfway through!!

    I love that you’re using this time to write this book. My first thought when you mentioned print on demand was, ebook. I’ll bet tons of parents and kids are reading books this way. I think one can hire a knowledgeable ebook person to do the ebookification fairly cheaply. Maybe something to consider.

    I hope your knee continues to heal beautifully and that you are enjoying the Minnesota spring 🙂 Adrian

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    1. Yes, I think maybe that might be the better way. As a teacher, I love “real” books, lol, but very expensive to print on demand.
      I just can’t wait to walk in 15 days!!!


      1. I love love love love real books, too, and buy a lot of them. You could perhaps offer both, and if someone wants to pay for a print copy, then yay.

        I have a friend in St. Paul who is a wonderful artist and I believe is illustrating a children’s book now or soon. When I got bees several years ago she wanted to illustrate me a bee book. If you’re interested in talking with her, I could connect you.

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      2. Thank you! I have all the artwork! The problem is getting them uploaded in the format they want. I can use Shutterfly, they are good quality, but expensive. I might just have to buy a bunch myself and people pay me on PayPal or something.


  4. glad to hear the surgery went well, and i love that you are doing a childrens book. I had been commissioned to do one some time last year ( for illustrations) but progress has been very slow since the author/writer has been only paying as she has the extra cash. 15 surgeries..wowza- you have my utmost respect and awe!

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