Little Adventures, Big Adventures

Dear Readers,

Before Covid, I always thought of adventures as something big and exciting, like climbing a mountain, or drag racing, something that is really hazardous or out of my comfort zone, exciting and new. This often, not always, involved traveling. Then came Covid, and things came to a halt.

My definition of adventure started to change. I realized that even a walk in a different park was an adventure, as it was all new to me. Going to the coffee shop drive-tru in my pajamas was an adventure, as I never knew if I would be spotted by someone I knew! LOL

I noticed by thinking of little new activities as adventures, I was much more content to be satisfied with what I could do, rather than what I couldn’t do. Maybe I couldn’t get to the mountains at the time, but I sure could find new, little fun hills to climb right here.

I was thinking maybe I could start looking at even smaller activities as adventures, like folding fitted sheets! That’s always an adventure! LOL Or walking in a snowstorm, or trying different coffee houses around the city! (My adventures ALWAYS need coffee!)

Sounds silly, and sometimes Mr. UT and I laugh at what we call an adventure, but it helps keep a good perceptive on life. Maybe it could help with harder events, like when I got my cochlear implants. That certainly was an adventure, learning how to hear with them!

Today we went on an adventure to the town of Stillwater, Minnesota, and saw some very cool snow sculptures made by teams from several different countries. Of course, that included a coffee stop on the way!

With a Heating Pad to Keep me Warm,

On Day 2697,


PS – Will be going on a big adventure to a yoga retreat this week! It’s in Florida, and I’ll meet a lot of new people, and have new experiences! (A good friend in recovery is hosting it! You can find information for his live, on-line classes here!)

10 thoughts on “Little Adventures, Big Adventures

  1. Just this year I started taking in the ice/lake/river art. It’s astonishing!! Did not know that Stillwater had that going on, but I will have to check that out. In addition to the coffee shops out there, there’s the antique stores, which are one of the handful of ways I connect with the memory of my mom (them, the baking aisle of a regular (vs. co-op) grocery store, a fabric shop 🙂 ). Happy winter wonderland, Wendy!

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  2. I love reading and seeing all about your adventures! So very cool about your upcoming big adventure! I really feel it’s these things that keep our spirits up no matter how big or small the adventure may be. Thanks so much for sharing all yours with us! 😃

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  3. So true!!! I did realize more than ever during Covid that I am content staying closer to home and doing simpler things. And there is SO much to discover here in MN and even in the Twin Cities, even though I’ve lived here my whole life!

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