All That I Have

Dear Readers,

The light is changing here, and we have less daylight now. It’s very noticeable to me, and can sometimes lead me to feeling a bit more reflective, and at times blue. However, I love hiking in fall, and taking fall photos, so I am looking forward in a positive way towards this season. We also have beautiful sunsets and sunrises in fall! (Not that I’d ever see a sunrise! LOL)

I am aware of all that I am grateful for after watching some devastating news on the people in Afghanistan, as well as the people who lost everything in the hurricane. Who am I to complain about the season of fall, or of hurt body parts, or of poor food in a restaurant? Who am I to wallow in self pity about not having the newest style of shoes, or that my drive-through coffee place is slow, when I see women and girls denied an education, or when I see people who literally have no food, no place to live, and no money to rebuild

I have enough. I have more than plenty. Sometimes I forget that, or I push it to the back of my mind. So when I start feeling the stirring of poor me thoughts, it is vital that I remind myself. Helen Keller said it best:

“Most people measure their happiness in terms of physical pleasure and material possession. Could they win some visible goal which they have set on the horizon, how happy they could be! Lacking this gift or circumstance, they would be miserable. If happiness is to be so measured, I who cannot hear or see have every reason to sit in a corner with folded hands and weep. If I am happy in spite of my deprivations, if my happiness is so deep that it is a faith, so thoughtful that it becomes a philosophy of life, – if in short, I am an optimist, my testimony to the creed of optimism is worth hearing.”

Lately Mr. UT and I have struggled with sleeping, partly because I have to get up to use the bathroom, which wakes him up! Then we can’t go back to sleep! As I woke up from a nap, I suddenly came upon a poem in my head. It’s a poem to help him sleep.

Sleep tight, my dear husband,

Let my love be your blanket,

And our memories your pillow, 

Where dreams give you respite,

From all of which you worry,

That troubles you in sleep.


Sleep tight, my dear husband,

Let my breath hold your heartbeat,

And my laugh be a tonic,

Where all you feel is stillness,

From the distresses of the day,

To sleep with peace. 

With a nap soon coming,

On Day 2552,


PS – When I do complain, Mr. UT makes me laugh!

15 thoughts on “All That I Have

  1. Haha Wendy I love your little cartoons! This is so, so true. I often read the news, or memoirs of war and hardship, and feel very guilty for complaining about my little problems. It helps keep things in perspective. XO

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  2. Woke up, ready your blog, and felt unbelievably better, knowing I have all I need to be content. Sometimes I forget this, and reading your kind of message, brings me back to center. You and your hubby are just too cute!! xo, Lia

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  3. Helen Keller was a special person. I’m struck by the seeing/hearing metaphors in this quote.

    Thanks for a wonderful post and the reminder that every moment includes the opportunity to accept it.

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  4. I was thinking similar thoughts the other day. I really focused on all the lovely things I do have and all the things I have to be grateful for that I so often take for granted. It was good for me to take stock like that. Lovely pics xxx

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