Just a Hello!

Was a Windy Day!!

Dear Readers,

Mr. UT and I communicate in different languages! On our walk yesterday, we were squabbling about what size a container of wipes we had at home! He said it was small, I said big. Turns out he was comparing it to a big container, and I was comparing it to a small container. These are the things that keep our marriage together!

I have been fighting a cold for the last week, and pulled a muscle which has made it hard to exercise, but finally got to yoga, out for a walk, and to my first short weight training at the YMCA! Woo hoo!

March in Minnesota is not that “pretty”. I was lamenting to Mr. UT that I don’t feel like taking nature photos right now, as we still have some snow and a lot of brown. However, I do know that I could find beauty if I looked for it. I will soon!

People are acting pretty normal around here in terms of the coronavirus, although all the hand sanitizer has left the city, as well as a lot of toilet paper. I am not concerned about myself, just my older relatives. It certainly seems to go into their lungs quickly.

It’s Sunday, and I am getting a slow start. As usual, Mr. UT has been up, changing all the clocks, went food shopping, and brought me coffee!! I did make the bed! I know that counts!

With Slow Moving Parts,

On Day 2011,


10 thoughts on “Just a Hello!

  1. Well I find beauty in your photos Wendy 😊😊❤️
    I too am worried about older folk and the coronavirus. I wish some people would consider them as they busily stock pile toilet roll and hand sanitiser!
    Windy, sunny and rainy day here today with a gorgeous rainbow earlier 🌈
    Claire xx

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  2. Yes, I’m worried about my mom and her fellow residents at her assisted living place. I actually am not visiting her this weekend because I have been sneezing (most likely, allergies) and don’t want to take any chances. My dad and stepmom had to cancel their flight to visit us next week because they both are seniors with underlying conditions. And the beans and pasta keep selling out! Grrrr. I always love your photos, Wendy!

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  3. Great to hear from you Wendy. I know what you mean about March, but I always look at the tiny buds appearing on the trees and think of the beauty that is about to come. Plus this is the busy time for us veg gardeners!

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