One of Many

We finished our beautiful vacation with a sunset hot air balloon ride, which was gorgeous! There were many balloons going up at the same time, and it was like a festival! The one thing I noticed the most, was how quiet is it up there. The occasional blow of the fire into the balloon is the only thing you hear. So quiet. Then, how small the world is below. The higher we went, the more I realized how one of many we are. How big the sky and the mountains, yet know these too are one of many.

The words below are from a post I wrote 2 years ago, but they spoke to me today.

“I am one of many.
Many people who came before me, are with me now, and will come after me.
Being one of many is a beautiful feeling for me. 
It means I have support for just about anything if I only reach out and ask for help.

It means I can go back in the past and read words of people who have been through some of the same challenges I have had, and learn how they coped with things.

It means I can go to a recovery meeting and listen to people who are struggling with addiction and life, and learn how they are living.

It means I can leave a written word, or tell someone younger than I am, how I am learning to live with life’s difficulties, or how I live joy.

Being one of many, means I don’t have to carry the world on my shoulders anymore. It means there are helpers along the way. 
I just have to ask, read, or listen

Today at my meeting, I once again realized how hard it is to deal with not only addiction, but then life after that. But I was just one of many at that meeting. There was a power in my small group discussion that made me stronger for just having gone, listened and shared. 
There are human themes that are shared by all of us; love, loss, envy, gratitude, jealousy, and so on.

I am unique and yet not unique. My human emotions, thoughts and feelings are like humans everywhere.
I can let go of trying to be perfect, of trying to be something I am not.

Today at my meeting, there were stories of pain, and stories of learning to be an adult now that we are sober. My story was not any different than others’ stories, when you look at the big theme. 

There were also stories of the joys of being sober, and being able to cope with life. I am not alone, even though there are times I feel like it. I also know, I am one of many who feel connected sometimes, and yet feel terribly alone the next.

Today, I wish anyone who is reading this, to understand you are part of something vast. Past, present and future, you are one of many. Your voice matters. Together with all of the other voices we can help more people beat addictions, and help each other to love life, even with all its problems.” 

I finished my vacation with a little lesson. NEVER LOSE YOUR CARRY ON! I was almost to my gate when I realized I had left my carry on somewhere. Mr. UT and I could see it was still at the terminal and not moving because it had my iPad in it, and we could “see” it. We retraced our steps, and asked all the officials we met. Ended up having to go back to the curb side check in, where the sky cap had turned it into a policeman. All ended up well. Even our marriage! LOL

But there was another lesson here. With each official we asked, they helped, some going an extra mile to find my bag. It was once again, a reminder of how one of many we are, and how we depend on each other.

With Snow, My iPad, and Lessons Learned,

On Day 1998,


29 thoughts on “One of Many

  1. Gosh Wendy, this is going to sound quite dramatic and ridiculously emotional but your post actually made me cry just now. In a really good way! The words from a past post and your photos (you look so beautiful btw) are just so meaningful and personal. Thanks for sharing.
    Claire ❤️ xxx

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  2. Just a lovely post, pictures, and well everything about it! You had me smiling and laughing, I did chuckle a little bit when you said you lost your carry on! hehehe! I’m so glad with the help of others you were able to find it! I’m also glad your trip was so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words. The air balloon ride looks amazing! The place you stayed is gorgeous, and what a lovely couple! Thank you for sharing what you wrote about one of many. It is so poignant and true. One of many, our feelings much the same, experiences and backgrounds different, but all here to love and support one another through this life. Xx

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  4. Lovely post and photos. So glad you got your carry on back and saved your marriage😁 That must have been horrible. Can relate.
    The post of past, the words – thank you. Great timing for me to read.
    What a lovely holiday you had.
    Haven’t been in a hot air balloon 🎈😁

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  5. Hi Wendy. Just saw this today and wow!!! You were so brave to take a hot air balloon ride. We would often see them float over Napa Valley when we lived in N. Cal. Your photos are beautiful. I really hope you will consider writing a book one day. As I have said before, your writing is very inspiring. So nice that we are one of many on this journey through life.
    Blessings, J xx

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