Self-Pity Slips Away

We went tubing!!

Dear Readers,

The other day I was feeling sad about not being able to hear music with my cochlear implants. People on social media often talk about their favorite songs, singing in the car, and concerts they are going to. I can only listen to talk radio in the car. So I feel sad sometimes.

Then, a small wonderful moment happened. I went to my weekly AA group, where I led a first step meeting. That is where a small group of people share a bit of our stories with a newcomer. In this case, it was a woman who had 11 years of sobriety but had relapsed.

This turned out to be one the most powerful moments I have had in recovery circles. I was touched by how even though our experiences are sometimes different, the pain is the same. The joy of being sober is a stark contrast to those dark, painful times.

None of us have perfect lives, and we all have problems, but now can deal with the problems. We don’t try to escape them. The pain of sober life now is nothing compared to the pain of life when drinking.

In my case, I think it was the gift of desperation, and public humiliation that finally got me to change. My life now is just full of regular, normal events. Coffee, volunteering, walking, yoga, and lots of playing.

On the way home I suddenly realized I wasn’t sad about music anymore! Helping other people really does make my self-pity fade away.

Mr. UT and I just got back from the indoor golf dome, as we are going to be escaping shortly to the land of sunshine, Arizona! I stink at golf, but I have fun anyway! The best part is driving the cart and eating snacks when I get tired!

With a red face after yoga,

On Day 1981,


PS – I am getting a bit tired of my snow photos! LOL These are from a trip in 2016!

25 thoughts on “Self-Pity Slips Away

  1. Wendy, your stories always inspire me. I just love your attitude!!! Have a wonderful time in sunny AZ. I will be looking out for more of your lovely photos. Those flowers are breathtaking!
    Hugs, J xx
    ps. Two years for me but whose counting lol. 🙂

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  2. This is just what I needed to read tonight; particularly the sentence “then the joy of being sober is a stark contrast to those dark, painful times.” We went to dinner tonight with 3 other couples. Everyone was drinking wine. While I wasn’t the least bit tempted to drink, I felt so awkward and “left out.” I just wanted to cry. I haven’t experienced that feeling before. Now I’m home and I’m so glad I didn’t drink anything, but still just feeling rather crappy about the whole night. Sober is so much better though. I loved the flower pictures. Enjoy Arizona.

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    1. Oh Cindy! I know that feeling! It was especially hard at first, now much better.
      I think it’s normal, as we remember there were some good times when drinking…until they got bad.


  3. Wendy you are inspiring. I love your positivity. Relapse after 11 years, that shocked me actually. It’s a reminder to not become complacent and to continue working towards all things that keep us on track.

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  4. Have an awesome time in Arizona! The snow is so pretty but drags on way too long! Yesterday after work I walked out with my LL Bean boots on and the snow was taller than them and caved into my boots. I think I said something like “effing snow.” 😂
    I love your tubing picture! That looks like fun, I’ve never tried! Sipping on my coffee and happily reading your post is perfect!

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  5. Beautiful photos including the one of you tubing which I have never heard of before and it looks like so much fun!!! I went to a Queen concert just the other night and I put up a post on my FB about how much I enjoyed it. One friend commented that his friends were going and I told him it was a shame he wasn’t going as I am sure he would enjoy it. Ummmm I completely forgot he was deaf!!! What an idiot but I just forget because to me he is just my friend that I have to look at when we talk. thankfully he found it funny. xox

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  6. Great story, beautiful pics! Have a great time in AZ… it will be wonderful to feel the sun on your face and to not have to bundle up, I’m sure! Looking forward to pictures. Xx

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  7. Such a powerful post. And so true about pain in sobriety being nowhere near as bad as the pain in drinking. In will remember these words.
    Beautiful colourful pictures! 😍

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