Word of The Year

Dear Readers,

I have been trying to pick a WOTY for 5 years! I could never think of just one, and I was always worried I’d choose the wrong one. This year I thought I’d try it, and I actually came up with one.

I decided my word is “Challenge”.

I have been comfortable with my retired routine, but I am finding it a little too laid back. I still spend a lot of time playing games on my phone, and distracting myself on the internet. Although I volunteer once a week, walk and get to my yoga classes, I know I’d be happier challenging myself to do a bit more. Part of my challenge is motivating myself, and part of it is working on forming different habits.

It’s going to be a challenge to challenge myself, that’s for sure!

I challenge myself to question my automatic thoughts of I’m too tired, too old, too something and other negative thoughts and beliefs. These thoughts can keep me limited, and in a small world. I have made good strides in this area, but sill need to keep working at it.

I challenge myself to move more, walk a little more, go to another yoga class, just move. I am just sitting way too much.

I challenge myself to change some of my habits, especially staying in bed too long in the morning, while Mr. UT brings me tea and coffee. This is probably my biggest challenge, as I am not a morning person. However, I can get up earlier than I am now, and write.

I challenge myself to keep reaching out to people with a call, a text, or meeting for coffee. I love meeting new people! I love to travel, but of course that costs money, so I am saving to go on a few little trips.

I do not want to put big pressure on myself, however, I do want to keep learning, and growing and that will not happen by staying where I am! And if this word doesn’t fit me in the future, I’ll just change it! Because I can! Ha! Another reason why being old rocks!

I also made banana bread, with chocolate in it! Which Mr. UT loved, but the baking is going to stop for a bit, while we get back to eating nutritious foods, with an occasional fun snack!

With The Last Bag of Chocolate,

On Day 1945,



32 thoughts on “Word of The Year

  1. A good choice. Remember that you’re in charge and you get to decide when you want to challenge yourself throughout the year. Mine this year is Wellbeing. Was thinking ahead for the word Try for the following year.
    Start thinking of your word for 2021 so you don’t have to wait another 5 years.😊

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      1. Self Compassion is a good one too. Sounds like you used the word for 5 years without naming it until now.😊
        I thought Wellbeing was a little flat after seeing your word Challenge. ☺️
        For me I need to work on the fundamentals before getting to the next step.Wellbeing is as vast or as specific as I make it. It’s flexible. I really do like the word Wellbeing.😁

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  2. Before I got to the writing part of your post I was going to assume your word of the year was cattail. 😉 Beautiful pictures. Isn’t it a bit funny how no matter how much we do, we can still look at the few things we do that are “lazy” and decide we need to do more? I’m certainly not alien to that feeling! “I watched a movie this weekend when I could have read 200 pages in my data science book!” nevermind that nobody in the history of humankind has ever read 200 straight pages in a data science book.

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  3. I don’t ordinarily like cake at all but after 7 days without buckets of wine sugar, I’m now craving a piece of your banana and chocolate bread!! Looks lovely! : )

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  4. Great word! Be careful not to overchallenge 🙂 (channeling belle’s ‘avoid overwhelm’!) I wonder if there’s something unintuitive that the universe might think would be lovely for you to challenge yourself with…. wishing you a very happy and healthy 2020, Wendy!

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  5. wowowowow what a great word !!! (mine is “feel”). Also i forgot to post pictures but I made some spacial Wendy cornbread for the first time and it was delicious ! But like you, I will give baking a break for a bit and get back to a more balanced diet now that the holidays are over xxx Anne

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  6. Wendy I think your challenge should be to continue being lovely, inspirational Wendy. You really are a shining star on these blogs and so supportive of others. You are a rarity, so challenge yourself if you have to but don’t you dare change! 🤗
    Jim x

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  7. I love Challenge! We can all get to complacent and tend to settle into comfortable routines. It’s a great thing to realize this and push ourselves to live a little bigger. 🙂

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      1. Traveling alone IS a challenge, in a growthy sort of way. I hope your trip is for pleasure, or that you at the least gain something from your experience.

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