Candy Induced Thoughts

Dear Readers,

Santa came to our house and brought delicious candy. Too much candy, so I told Mr. UT to hide it, and dole it out to me. He can moderate, except when it comes to cookies. I actually made sugar cookies, my mother’s recipe, and they were so good, he had them for breakfast lunch and dinner! LOL He didn’t want to share them with the neighbors, because the poor guy never gets homemade anything!

We had a lovely December, probably the best we’ve ever had. We entertained a small group, went to friend’s house to dinner, stayed active by walking a lot, and even ice skating! I’ve been getting to my yoga studios regularly, too.

My fifth Christmas not drinking, and it was the best. I actually find I am much more witty at parties when I don’t drink. Well, at least I make myself laugh! Drinking at parties just didn’t bother me this year. I don’t stay as long, partly due to my cochlear implants, because it gets tiring to listen so hard for a long time.

I took a break from blog reading, but I will get back soon.

I am giving a shout out to my friend Damien who writes at Walking in Sober Boots. He is writing a series on the language of AA. For those people who struggle with that, I hope you will find his writings helpful.

I don’t have too much more to say, but I wanted to check in with you all!

With an extra pound or five,



PS – Wendy Walks LOL

Wendy walks for beauty,

Wendy walks on streets.

Wendy walks in forests,

Where Wendy finds some peace.

Wendy walks with loved one,

Wendy walks for snacks,

Wendy walks both slow and fast,

And then she takes a nap!

23 thoughts on “Candy Induced Thoughts

  1. Sugar cookies are the best! I got yelled at for using the oven and didn’t get to ice mine. Then later I’m told to make them again next year, which is confusing since I got yelled at the entire time I tried making cookies at my parents’ house. The relationship ship I have with my parents is questionable….

    Sugar cookies are my personal favorite ♥️ Nothing wrong with eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 😇

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      1. I’m hoping to make royal icing one day. Next year I plan to make gingerbread with my miniature cookie cutters and ice them with white icing. You can buy premade gingerbread mix which is surprisingly good! I’ve had it before and they don’t burn as easily compared to sugar cookies.

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  2. Merry Christmas, Wendy! I’m laughing about three dozen cookies gone in two days. Sounds like my house! I love having treats, and I love it when they’re finally gone. I’ll be wearing stretchy yoga pants and big sweaters until I fit into my jeans again. 😉 Best wishes for a beautiful new year! But then again, you manage to find the beauty in everything!!

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