A Wendy Walks Post

The Trees Speak

The trees speak to me, 

Telling me tales of all they’ve suffered,

Of fires and diseases, 

Of creatures they have held in their arms,

Of the homes they have built for us.

The clouds speak to me,

Telling me tales of storms around the world,

Of shade they provide from the sun,

Of airplanes, and birds, 

Of the freedom to fly high above.

The ground speaks to me,

Telling my feet tales of 

What lived before, now fossils in rocks, 

Of worms and warm nests,

Of the fire deep underground.

I listen to them, these great voices of our Earth, 

As they have seen the good and the bad,

Having endured, and are so wise, 

They give me strength and understanding, 

If I just listen.

With Love,


22 thoughts on “A Wendy Walks Post

  1. This was such a lovely poem to wake up to; the beauty of earth is all around us, if we just look, listen and feel. You have such a lovely way with words and photos! Thank you for the inspiration. xo

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  2. “The ground speaks to me,

    Telling my feet tales of

    What lived before,”

    I always wonder who or what walked where I’m walking or driving. Indians for sure. Dinosaurs too. Always blows my mind and gives me pause.

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  3. Wendy, I absolutely love your poem! It’s so beautiful and deep. Getting out in nature is what helped me get and stay sober. The hubs and I still walk on the beach every night. Just curious – have you ever considered writing a book? You really are an inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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      1. Wendy, my husband wrote a book and self published it. He wrote it not for selling purposes but as a legacy for our children and grandchildren. He’s a wonderful writer like yourself. Check out 48hourbooks.com. They do a wonderful job and were quite reasonable. You can chose from their many options and templates without committing until you decide. His book came out beautiful and our family loved and appreciate it. Check it out and see what you think. I, for one, would buy your book. ☺️
        J x

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