Reframing Negative Thoughts

Dear Readers,

Yesterday, when I woke up, after just 4 hours of sleep, I instantly thought negative thoughts of, “I’ll never make it! I’m so tired. I can’t do this.” I often wake up with negative thoughts. In fact, it is amazing how many negative thoughts run through my head all day! Now, these thoughts do not help me get motivated, or feel good about myself and other people. In fact, they work against my best interest.

Through therapy, reading, and life coaches, I learned how to reframe some these thoughts. I don’t have a system, but the first thing I had to do was write down all the negative thoughts that I think of during the day. I had to become aware of them. Then I learned to reframe them in a more realistic and positive light. It also is a form of compassion, both for myself and other people.

Yesterday morning, I stopped myself from thinking the negative thought, and said, “I can do this. Just have another cup of coffee, and get in the shower.” I repeated this many times, until that was my main thought.

I often talk myself out of exercise, telling myself it is too hard. Now, I try to reframe it right away and say to myself, “Yes, it is hard sometimes, but think of your long term goal. You are getting stronger each day! You can do a little bit.”

Last year I reframed my thinking around my body and moving, as I struggled to get moving anywhere. I wrote the following on a card and I read it each morning, over and over:

“I am living life with ease. Live easy, live gentle.”

“I am thankful my body can move, I move with peace and joy. I am thankful my body can move, I move with strength and grace.”

Currently I struggle with getting older and my weight gain, and I have been way too negative about my body and aging. So I am reframing my thoughts.

“There are parts of getting older that are hard. However, I love the freedom I have now, and yes, the wisdom. I love the way I can go with the flow more. Getting older is fun!” These are way more productive thoughts than frowning at my wrinkles, and thinking of my hurting back!

For my weight gain, I came up with a mantra:

“My body is healthy. My body is strong. Thank you beautiful body.”

Even going deaf and getting cochlear implants, I learned to reframe some of my thoughts! I look at the positives that came out of this! Now I am happy I can’t hear my husband snore! I am happy I can just take off my implants and have quiet. I have more empathy for people with disabilities.

I can only write about how I use reframing in my life. I find when I am sick, or have hurt a body part, I have to work extra hard at reframing thoughts. However, it really works. They key is write them down, and repeat them so they become automatic thoughts.

Now, it’s time to lift my weights. I don’t really want to, LOL, but I love being strong!!

With a 3 pound hand weight,

On Day 1889,


PS – I found a really good site that is very clear about reframing, and so I share it here.

24 thoughts on “Reframing Negative Thoughts

  1. Thank you. That’s really useful. I remember reading about this reframing and didn’t take it any further. This is a reminder.
    Thanks for sharing your affirmations too.😊
    I write “I’m happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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    1. I can’t believe we didn’t get any snow up here in Minnesota! Cold dark mornings are hard. In fact, mornings are the hardest when I first wake up. Like a bit of anxiety. Taking a deep breath and morning mantras help so much!
      Thank you!

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  2. Yes, it’s incredible how reframing thoughts changes one’s whole perspective on life and on ourself. And with time and repetition, thoughts turn into beliefs, and that’s how we create long term change and new identities 🙂 we are so malleable, yet so resistant/resilient, it’s wonderful to be a human and alive 🙂 xxx Anne

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  3. Beautiful post, Wendy! It all comes down to being grateful for what we have and not what we don’t have. Wisdom is one of the upsides of aging … maybe the only one, lol.
    J x

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  4. Bravo, Wendy! Sometimes when I feel down; I use an inscription I found in an old monastery. “Be Still and know I’m God.” I use it like a montra; “Be still and know I’m God, Be still and know, Be still, Be…”

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