I’ll Take Mine Plain, Please!

Photo by Mr. UT

Dear Readers,

At my last writing meet-up group, we wrote on the word “plain”. I thought of the definition of plain as, simple or ordinary. I struggled with this word for some reason. Maybe it was because I only had about 3 hours of sleep, and not enough coffee!

Plain sounds boring to me. So, I had to look at it with a different perspective. In fact, I have been doing this ever since I got sober. I always thought I had to save the world, yes me! LOL That just being at home reading, or cleaning, or walking with Mr. UT, was plain boring.

Of course social media made me feel worse about my ordinary life. All these people doing extra special things! Whereas, I was just a teacher, and now, just an old, married, retired teacher.

But I stopped and thought about it. How wonderful my ordinary life has been! How many children I have hugged, tied shoes for, taught to read and write, to sing!

This plain Word Press page gives me freedom to write! My plain clothes are easy, simple to wear, and take no effort! (However, after reading this Mr. UT reminded me it still takes me forever to get dressed!) A plain paper bag is filled with delightful treats!

Even if I wanted to live a non-stop exciting life, I couldn’t. It would be too overwhelming for me. The truth is, I find if I live an ordinary, plain life with love, I am happy, Mr. UT is happy, and I can spread that happiness to other people.

There are exciting times, to be sure. I recently did part of a Naloxone training for pharmacy students at the University of Minnesota, with the Steve Rummler Hope Network, where I volunteer. This was very fun for me, and I loved it. It’s exciting to travel to new places. I am lucky I get to do that once in a while!

But most of life requires day to day tasks. Ones that need to be done, such as paying the bills, walking the dog, working because we need money. Wise people have written about doing daily tasks with mindfulness or attention. Many people don’t have the luxury of the life I live. My plain, simple breakfast of oatmeal and a banana might be boring to me, but to a starving person, it would be gift, a very fancy feast.

In the end it always comes back to gratitude. The more thankful I am for the life I have, the happier life is!

Time to move! Mr. UT just came in and said, “Are we going or not?” LOL He knows I am as slow as a turtle! He is one of those up and going at 6 am type of people. Have no idea how we have made it this long! Ha!

With a Plain Ordinary Cup of Coffee,

And Bread Pudding,

On Day 1900,


24 thoughts on “I’ll Take Mine Plain, Please!

  1. Plain? Get out of it. I’d say you’re a bit special, in a nice way of course , no let’s use the word exceptional. Yes, that’s it- Wendy you’re exceptional and as former teacher myself I say, weren’t we incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to help influence the thoughts, knowledge, feelings and attitudes of future generations? We are the lucky ones, we are the Soberistas! Sorry over enthusiastic, must be time for my medication! 😉🤗

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  2. Wendy, you are one of those wise people you wrote about. Thanks for sharing with us! This post and your earlier one about nature have really resonated with me. I’m really enjoying your writing. 🙂

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    1. I promised myself I would not use the word boring today. Sometimes on our walks I’ll tell Mr. UT this is boring, plain, nothing to photograph. But if I look closer I admire the starkness, the plain brown leaf.
      There is beauty in a simple life, led with love!


  3. Hi Wendy…Oh my… I loved this post. I too am a retired teacher who is now done with alcohol. I too have hearing loss (not as severe as yours – but life altering for sure)… I too feel overwhelmed with “too much” of whatever… and I am feeling very grateful and positive about living a pretty simple lifestyle these days. You often inspire me – thank you for that!

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    1. Yay to teachers!! We rock!!
      Hearing loss is very hard and can be so isolating.
      I had a grandma who had a very simple life, and we loved her. She would always listen, and make us food!
      Thank you, Kathy!


  4. Hi Wendy! In England where I grew up “plain” is a word to describe someone who is not at all pretty. I much prefer your definitions. Another lovely post! In my world a plain ordinary sober day is perfect. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. UT.
    J xx
    ps. I also eat boring oatmeal w/banana for breakfast lol 🙂

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  5. Hi Wendy! I’m just starting out on my retired journey and read Lotta Dann’s “Mrs. D is Going Without.” Have you heard of her/the book? It has moved me to take a little (a lot?) more control over drinking that glass of wine. Your story moved me.

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