Sleepy Days

Dear Readers,

I wrote this poem on Sunday afternoon, but am feeling it again today, Wednesday!

Sleepy days are starting,

I feel it in the light,

My body knows,

The trees and animals know.

Time to rest.

The afternoons cry out for a nap,

To starve the blue mood that comes along,

To fight or surrender,

Depends on my strength 

That day.

Sitting with my candles lit,

Everything is gold now,

Gold leaves, gold sun, gold glows,

My pillow is strongly calling,

Time to rest.

I had so much energy on Monday and Tuesday, cleaning the house, walking miles with my husband, so it always surprises me when the fall afternoon blues come down on me. Just blues though, not depression, so I know they will go away later this early evening.

Today I am giving in, and after an early morning yoga class, (8:30 a.m. is early for me! LOL), I am letting myself play phone games and rest. Some days I do fight through the feeling, and that works if I am already out and going.

Our fall here has been beautiful, warm and cold, light and dark, but the leaves are in their glory now. The birds and squirrels are eating in a frenzy, we see and hear coyotes in the evening. Every living thing knows winter can be harsh here.

With a Snowblower that Works,

On Day 1874,


PS – A good friend of mine, who doesn’t have a drinking problem, says he feels so much better not drinking, that he cut way back, and hardly has any now. Even for “normies” it feels better to be sober!

PSS – My husband also takes beautiful photos! He took the maple tree above, and the leaves by the water!

23 thoughts on “Sleepy Days

  1. Beautiful words and photos.
    We don’t have squirrels here in New Zealand. That vision sounds amazing. They are such gorgeous wee creatures. Don’t have coyotes either.
    8:30am is early for me too. Well done for getting to class.
    Enjoy autumn and we go into spring.

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  2. What a lovely poem ❤ And those leaves are on FIRE! I can't wait for the ones here to get red, it should be another week or two 🙂 Also, resting is also part of fighting, you deserve to rest ! 🙂 Oh, and making it to a 9:00 yoga class definitely feels like an exploit to me, so respect to you for making it to 8:30, I couldn't do it 🙂 ! xoxo Anne

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  3. Beautiful words and photos. Your husband takes stunning pics – what a landscape. Meanwhile here in Oz, there are severe fire warnings forecast for the weekend – hot with strong, gusty winds. Oh it really is another world away.
    On the west coast where I live, it’s perfect Spring weather. Yah.

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