Letting Go of Regrets

Dear Readers,

I was texting with a beautiful woman today, one I have never met, but I consider her a true friend. She brought up the subject of regrets, of the time wasted by drinking years.

At my slightly older age, (have I mentioned that? LOL), I have learned to let most regrets go. I can see the end of life, and I want to spend the time looking at today and planning forward.

Thinking of the mistakes I made in the past, only help me to make different, better choices today. I can’t stay there, however. It would only hurt me, not help me.

We simply can’t turn back time. It’s gone. In all the studies of older people, the people say what they regret most are not the things they did, but the things they didn’t do!

This is why I am doing things I kept myself from doing when I was overworking. I have to push myself a little, to get past some fear, but it is worth it. Some things are bigger, like traveling a bit more, meeting people I have only met on Twitter or Blogs! Other things are smaller, like staying better connected to people in my life, asking them for coffee, or walks.

A younger AA friend reached out to me and asked me about yoga and recovery. I knew of a teacher who had a recovery yoga workshop, and we went together. We both loved it, and I found out more about her. These are the little things that I am loving to do!

I think it comes down to self-compassion and forgiving yourself. I have forgiven myself for my past. I loved the little hurt Wendy inside, and held her in loving hands. Then she was able to rest.

Rest in love, my dear friends. Rest in knowing, you really are ok, faults and all. After all, who has not made mistakes in the past?

Here are a few self-compassion exercises by Dr. Kristin Neff, that helped me learn to love myself. I hope you find them helpful as well!

Today I just finished volunteering, making kits with Naloxone, a drug that saves people who are overdosing on opioids. Now, I am going to a yoga class, that might be too hard, but I will modify it. Later, will start my packing list, as I am overcoming another fear, one of flying alone, and going to Florida to meet some #RecoveryPosse Twitter friends, some I have never met!

With Too Many Clothes in a Too Big Suitcase,

On Day 1854,

Love, Wendy

PS – Photos above are from last fall!

My Volunteer Friends at Steve Rummler Hope Network!

23 thoughts on “Letting Go of Regrets

  1. i am always am so inspired by your posts! You stay the course with your soberity, you grow, you learn, you share, but most importantly, you never judge. You have helped me to reach for the betterment of myself! I’m not sober 100%, but I am better now, then where I was at 2 years ago. The goal, is to be like you. xo, dp

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    1. That is progress, Dana!
      It’s a journey we all have to take ourselves, but with support of others. Your journey won’t look exactly like mine, or any other person’s. Focus on the strengths you have! They are there!


  2. Hi Wendy. This post resonated with me on so many levels. I especially loved what you said about self compassion and forgiving ourselves. I am still a work in progress when it comes to self love. But always learn something from you. So thank you! I hope you have a great time in Florida! I’m in the Tampa area and it’s still warm here. WFS recently posted a blog list on their website and requested our favorites. I nominated yours.
    Congrats on day 1854. I just passed 20 months. Yay!
    J xx

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    1. Oh, Joni! Thank you so much!
      Congratulations on 20 Months! ❤️💃🏻❤️💃🏻
      Self-compassion is definitely an on going process, too!
      It’s like resentments, things pop up, now and then, but now I have the tools and knowledge on how to let them go immediately. When I feel I am slipping into victim, poor me, or anger at self, I return to mantras, holding myself with love, and let go.


  3. Lovely.
    I try hard to take my lessons from the past and use them today. I remember when I was still drinking I found Kristen Kneff and did a self compassion test and scored very very low.

    Drinking was a form of self harm. When I quit it became the biggest act of self love I could perform. Just like getting divorced is. I chose me.

    Keep sharing and shining!

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