5 Years! Life is better!

Dear Readers,

Today I have been sober for five years! Mr. UT and I both agree life is better.

I just came back from a long weekend up in Northern Minnesota, staying at cabins with good friends. It’s always been a hard weekend for me, because of people drinking. Not that anyone gets crazy drunk, because they don’t, but it’s around all the time.

The last time I got drunk at the cabins, I was a mess. I was overemotional, because I had lost so much hearing, and couldn’t participate in many conversations in a group. I drank tons of red wine, got moody, and isolated myself in my cabin. Ugh. It was not fun.

This year, I hiked, I drove the small motor boat, I jumped in the freezing cold lake, I went into the small town, and I took photos of the beautiful country up here! I was able to hear so much more due to my cochlear implants! I tried not to isolate too much, but sometimes all the talking just gets tiring. My friends are the best, though! They understand and help me!

I was way more fun to be with! Life is better. I wish I had great wisdom to share, but I don’t really. I just know I can’t drink because it never ends with one or two. I know I need support, and Mr. UT stopped drinking to support me. My blogger friends, #recoveryposse Twitter friends, friends I have here in Minneapolis, and my family, are my biggest supporters ever! Even when I don’t talk to people for a while, I know that I can count on many to help me if I were to find myself in trouble, wanting to drink. I am not alone. So many people struggle with addiction.

Life is better. I don’t drive drunk, I don’t argue as much, (remember I am married, lol), my depression is manageable, my anxiety is so much better, I am just happier. Most days I don’t think about alcohol at all. Yes, there are a few times I long for that drink, but I know how to let them pass.

I am still struggling with a bit of fall blues, but getting outside helps the most with this. So walking with Mr. UT is on the agenda today!

I wrote this poem after taking photographs on our walk:

Red and yellow leaves get all the attention,

From fall lovers and photographers,

Crunching over brown ones,

We cry out for the perfect fall color,

Never slowing down to see the beauty

In shades of brown.

Coffee bean, cinnamon, sienna,

How rich in flavor and color are these!

Look again for the subtle gems of autumn,

Look again for the softer shades of life.

With coffee delivered to me in bed by Mr. UT,

On day 1826,

Love, Wendy

64 thoughts on “5 Years! Life is better!

  1. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and your continued journey. Hope to catch up soon, and if you ever need anything, please let me know. Namaste dear.

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  2. You model wisdom Wendy. I love reading about your life with all the challenges and high points. It’s just all very real and I appreciate you sharing so we can all relate. xo Diana

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  3. You are so beautiful, and so are those trees in the poems. I loved reading about your better experience at the cabins while sober. And I loved that poem…. yes, the shades of browns…. sometimes the most common-seeming things are the loveliest if we focus our attention on them, as you have done. Thanks for being a support to us all, Wendy! xo Nadine

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  4. I love the photos and I love even more how happy you look ❤ You said that "you wish you had some great wisdom to share but you don't" but here is the thing you just did without even trying. To reach the level you are at and to express it to others is pure wisdom. Thank you Wendy for your honesty and willingness to share. XOX

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  5. Well done Wendy. Finally worked out how to find and follow your blog again. I remember your support and encouragement a couple of years back when I kept a blog “sweet poison” which was about trying to moderate. You were always encouraging and supportive. I’ve now come round to stopping completely and knowing you stuck at it is really inspiring. Brilliant!

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  6. Hi Wendy. Hearty congratulations on your 5 year soberversary! You inspire me. I’m so happy that you are hearing much better with the cochlear implants too. That’s fabulous! I just love your photos and poem. It’s good to hear that life is better sober. Intellectually I know that but @19 months I’m not there yet – hopefully soon. You and I are blessed to get coffee in bed and husbands who quit drinking to support us. Mr. UT and my hubs could be twins. Ha!
    Big hugs, J x

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    1. Yes to great husbands!
      Joni, it really does take time for most people. I know some people found the second year the hardest. But it definitely gets easier!
      I just know if I drank again, I’d go back to the darker places.


  7. I just found my way here, and I’m glad I did! I taught for 15 years and am now a behavior specialist. I have been sober for nearly 6 months, and it has been the most amazing journey ever.

    Congratulations on making it 5 years! Wow! Isn’t vacationing much more fun and relaxing, without drinking?

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  8. Hurrah to you Wendy. I’ve recently hit six years sober and reading your post reminds me so much of my own weird and wonderful ride of sobriety. (I still have brief moments where all I want to do is pick up a drink, but as you said, they pass quickly.) You mentioned something like you don’t have much wisdom to share…living your life the way you are and sharing it for others to read is more than enough wisdom. It certainly is for me. Beautiful photos. Yah for you.

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