Coming Home

Dear Readers,
I hope all of you are well today!
If you are struggling with getting or staying sober, remember, you are not alone.
There are so many people who have been where you are, but have made it out of the terrible cycle of addiction.
It’s a horrible cycle of pain, anxiety, depression, over and over again.

Spring is finally here!

I didn’t want to believe I had a problem, denying of course, that running away, hiding drinks, longer happy hours, fighting with hubs about drinking, was normal.

It took so much honesty for me to face myself, and say, I can’t drink.
It’s making a mess of my life, and of my husband’s life.

I have shared before that for me, I had to do everything I could to be held accountable for my drinking, so I reached out to everyone to help me.
I tried to stop on my own, with no one knowing except hubs, and it was too easy for me to lie to him and myself.

Even just AA wasn’t enough.
I had to tell family, close friends, get a life coach, get a therapist, start a blog, reach out to other bloggers, go to AA, go to Women for Sobriety, and reach out to my yoga teachers I knew were in recovery.
I needed that level of support.

On Our Walk!

Then I couldn’t hide anymore.
If I drink again, I’d have to tell so many people, and they would still love me, but they would also surround me and help me back home.

In the Big Book, it says we will do whatever it takes to get and stay sober.
I had to do that.
Everywhere I go, I meet more happy people free from addiction, and it brings me great joy to see that!

Look for that.
Follow the people who can show you the light along the way.

Hope by Wendy

There it is again,

That sunlit moon, 
Showing me the breadcrumbs of hope and faith,
For me find my way home again.

With Hope 
On Day 1704,


3 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. You are so right, follow those who….\”show you the light along the way.\”You have shown and continue to show me the beauty of sobriety. I may stumble and fall, but your guiding light only gets stronger for me. Thank you Wendy, for being you. A beautiful human being. xoxo, ll

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