Waiting for Walks

Waiting for Walks

A Perfect Day in the City!

Tapestry chair, 
Window open,
Soft rain,
Cardinals calling.

Hurting body, 
With heating pad comfort,
And tea,
Waiting for relief.

Breathing in,
Breathing out,
Books to read,
Naps to take.

Emotions run,
From green grass glorious,
To rainy day sadness,
Wanting to hurry them all away.
I send my love,
We ate outside!! First time after snow!!

To all those who are healing,

From pain of body, mind, or 

On Day 1699,

Update on a Previous Post: Never Alone
My operation was successful, and no cancer was found.
Very grateful I live in a community with quality doctors and surgeons.
I am so very grateful for all friends and family, here, there, and everywhere.
Dreaming of walks while I heal!

My Nurse! 

16 thoughts on “Waiting for Walks

  1. That is wonderful news, Wendy! Now just relax, heal, and think about all the beautiful things this summer will bring – I'm positive it's on its way… 🙂


  2. I'm so sorry I haven't kept up with you here! But- so relieved to read the good news. Beautiful poem, beautiful pics from an incredibly beautiful, strong and amazing woman. You rock, woman! Love, Elizabeth/WTW PS Keeping you in prayer for a rapid recovery.


  3. I'm so glad to hear this excellent news! Be patient with yourself — you'll be walking again soon. Sending love and smiles!


  4. So happy no cancer was found and you're healing! And that you live in such a high-quality city 🙂 Sending you warmth and love for spring healing. Do you go to the May Day parade in Powderhorn (Heart of the Beast Theatre)? Talk about healing and rejuvenation. It's my high holiday. If you've never gone, you might consider it this year…..!


  5. Your comments on living alcohol free have been an inspiration to me, but reading your much tougher challenge here on your page and your metal in coping so amazingly is truly inspirational!! Best wishes to you.


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