Never Alone

A Wild Day at Lake Nokomis!

Dear Readers,
There were times in my life I felt so alone. 
When we moved away from our hometown, I fell into a deep depression, and couldn’t make friends. 
When I was gong deaf, I couldn’t hear many conversations, jokes, names, and felt so alone.
When I drank alone, I felt no one understood me

In recovery I finally learned, I am never alone. 
It was me, keeping myself that way.
Yes, it takes work to reach out to people, but when you are an adult that is what you have to do!

I had a physical recently, and had several exams, and a procedure.
It turns out I have precancerous cells in my uterus.
The surgeon said, the cells are close to turning, so I had to schedule a hysterectomy. My operation will take place on April 25.
Then they will biopsy the organs they remove and check to be sure there are no other cells.

Of course, I was very anxious after hearing this news, and it took a while to process the information. However, they caught it early, and that is good news!
Because I am open about much of my life on social media, and with my friends and family, I let everyone know.

A Storm was Brewing!

What I found was not only a wonderful world of supportive people, but also many women who told me about their battles with uterus cancer.
I found out about several young woman, who had or are dealing with this. 
One will never be able to have a child.
One is just getting married, and was found to have some precancerous cells.

Now, I am old, and I don’t need a uterus anymore, but it still is another operation, and another waiting for a biopsy, and a long recovery time.

But, I am not alone.

My mom from last September, volunteering with me!

I now have phone numbers of several women that I can call if I need support.
I have my loving husband.

This weekend, I am off to visit my 95 year old mother, who lives with my brother in Idaho.
I am going with my sister. 
It’s out first time flying together, and it will be my first time renting a car and driving it in a strange city, renting our own hotel and figuring everything out.
A new adventure, and never too old!

With So Much Love,
On Day 1680,

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20 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. So two things, Wendy. Bless you during your upcoming surgery. You caught it early and just pray that this surgery will be the end of it. Regarding the upcoming trip – planning, maps of the airport, maps of the rental car location and route to your destination are the key (and by maps I mean hard copy with routes marked by a yellow highlighter!) Breathe deep and pray. You are clear headed and you can get through both.


  2. Thinking of you, as others have said, you have caught this early, and you will sail through this – we've all out here in the virtual blogosphere – and most especially your near and dear in your own very real world, will be right there with you…


  3. Sending you prayers and healing energy with your surgery Wendy!!! You can smash it out of the park and be much better and healthier afterwards. One thing I have learnt is that if you want help you just have to reach out even if it's in this blogging world the support on here is amazing. And safe travels for you trip XOX


  4. I'm glad you are surrounded by some many loving people! You hang in there Wendy; surgery and recovery are such chores, but you'll be better before you know it! Enjoy your time with your family, and don't worry, you're never to old to learn new things!!


  5. Hi Wendy, both you and your mom look very fit and lovely and like the kind of people who make the world go 'round. Great t-shirt btw. :-)) I so agree, support in the form of community is key. Sending love and hugs


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