Showing Up

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis

Dear Readers,
We are remodeling our kitchen, and knocked out a wall to create an open space. This will bring more light into the area! I’m excited, and hubs promised me it would be done by June 1! He’s doing a lot of the work himself, but leaves time for us to go walking! Walking together is our time to connect, talk, and reflect on things. It’s an important part of my recovery, and our marriage.

When I retired, I struggled with a sense of purpose, and just felt lost for several years. I went to a spiritual life coach who helped me along the way. 
I have always compared myself to other people doing bigger, better things, and I get to thinking I should be doing more in any area!

My Nature Guy

My coach told me over and over again to just show up.
Get to the meeting, and be yourself. 
Just show up to volunteer.
Just show up when friends ask me out.
Just show up at yoga.

So simple.
I don’t have to save the world. I can show up and take part as a team player.
Working with my newest life coach, Paul, I felt more grounded in this simple phrase. 

By showing up to meetings, I can spread my joy, and learn from other people.
By showing up to volunteer, I know I am saving a life with each kit I pack with Naloxone. 

By showing up to yoga, I support other people in class, by bringing them my energy.
By showing up to read and write comments on blogs, I add recovery support.

I can just be myself. Maybe not the funniest, the best dressed, (certainly not the youngest, LOL), just be Wendy. 

Little things add up to the whole.
In recovery, I continue to learn that by showing up for others, I help myself. 
By showing up for myself, taking care of myself, I am able to help others.

With Sawdust and Nails,
On Day 1675,

20 thoughts on “Showing Up

  1. You're awesome, as usual. I'm starting to think through a lot of those questions myself now. Your blog post was soul food for me today and I needed that.


  2. Wendy, I share so many of your feelings! You are helping me with every post. Sending gratitude and admiration. 🙂 Julie


  3. Wendy, we have a saying in our family that “90% of life is showing up.” In fact, I think this is on my twitter profile. I believe it! Keep showing up! We knocked out a wall in our kitchen last year (lol I did not lift a finger): the light is wonderful!!! See ya!


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