The Coolest Thing Ever!

Dear Readers,
Mr. UT and I rarely go out to movies, because I can not hear most of the dialogue.
We watch most movies at home so I have closed caption.
(See this post about my cochlear implant.)
So I was so surprised there is a really cool device that you can get closed caption on movies in theaters!

We saw Wonder Woman, and I was amazed at how much I could now understand by reading. Jokes were the best! I laughed right along with other people!

I am so happy about this!
Not all movies have closed caption, but the major ones all do.

Now, I have to say something about movies.
I used to think of going to movies as a time to drink. Before the movies, at the movies, and after the movies.
In fact, how I could watch a movie and not drink was beyond me.

I am not proud of this fact, but one time I left Mr. UT in the theatre and went to have a drink by myself at a bar. Ugh.

This time we kind of went nuts, and had popcorn, Twizlers, and Peanut M&M’s.
It cost us a mint, but how much fun munching and crunching and reading through the movie!!

Every time I post a picture of us smiling, it’s a real thing. The smiles are real, the happiness is real. We are in a far better place not drinking. 
In my drinking past, the smiling photos would have a lot of pain about my drinking behind them. 
I want to show everyone that you can be sober, have good times, live life, kiss, and look forward to more!

Dinner Outside
With Movies and Junk Food,
On Day 1,012,


18 thoughts on “The Coolest Thing Ever!

  1. Very cool – the junk food, lack of drinking, and the closed captioning. I recall thinking \”I can do EVERYTHING better with wine; cooking, puzzling, tv, chores.\” It's nice to do stuff sober, n remember it, enjoy it.


  2. Aah, dear Wendy, I am soooo HAPPY for you!! Munching, crunching and reading away. Beatiful.And yes, I am familiar too with connecting everything to alcohol. I am happy I quit. Happy that I am a free women now. How it dragged me down. Yes, happy that we quit. xx, Feeling


  3. Feel very warm reading this last bit on a winter night!I relate so well to this part though…\”I used to think of going to movies as a time to drink. Before the movies, at the movies, and after the movies.In fact, how I could watch a movie and not drink was beyond me.I am not proud of this fact, but one time I left Mr. UT in the theatre and went to have a drink by myself at a bar. Ugh.\”Sorry it helps for me to re-quote 🙂 This was me. I wouldn't go to a movie theatre unless it had alcohol. I wouldn't even go to one in the end that didn't bring the drinks in during the movie (you pay for them first). Embarrassingly I would have half a bottle at home, a quick one as soon as I arrived, then pay for a second to be brought in whilst I was watching. So to friends it just looked like 2 glasses and a night out. The truth was a bottle and more when I got home. The shame of one night… they didn't bring in my glass and I spent a hour anxiously watching the door (why didn't I think it was a problem then I don't know). I left the movie and went out and yelled at the bar person.Oh my Michelle xx


  4. I was the same – needed to pre-lube up for a movie, or found ways to drink through them. I remember going to see a movie with my wife, and I slept / passed out through most of it. I still feel a bit ashamed about that, but that is where I was at the time. Great news is that we are present and available to our partners and don't have to worry about that kind of stuff anymore! So happy you have the captioning!!Paul


  5. Wendy, That is super cool about that closed camptioning feature at the theatre! I hope that you didn't have to remortgage your house to buy all that junk food there haha ;-)(I just got a notification that you just commented on my post just now, how funny!)Donna


  6. What a great gadget, I'd never heard of anything like it. I also used to feel the urge to drink wine before going in to watch a film. That restless feeling of being ready for another drink probably distracted me from too many films over the years. Life is simpler without all that hassle. It looks like you had a great time together 😀 x


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