Friday In The City

Dear Readers,
It’s Friday in the great city of Minneapolis!
You can’t be bored here, as there is really so much to do!
Of course, I’m not doing it!
It’s 11:30 am, and I am still in my pajamas!
In my defense…well, ever mind, I have no defense!

The bed is made, the dishes put away, and I have played my computer games.
Mr. UT is out painting.
I am trying to get the motivation to get into the shower and get myself to yoga.
I can do this!

It’s supposed to be very hot and humid this weekend, so hubs and I are planning our movie dates! Alien for sure! I never go to chick flicks, or anything that will make me cry. I don’t cry quietly!

One of the things I do at my volunteer position, for the Steve Rummler Hope Foundation, is pack kits with Naloxone, the drug that will help people come out of an overdose due to opioids. One of the darling people I volunteer with, was saved by this drug, and is now sober. 

I also met a woman who received training and a kit, and was able to save her high school daughter. I met the daughter as well. These are just two of the many people who would have probably died, without this drug. 

I really love volunteering, as it gets me out of my own head, and at the same time, I feel so happy I can help someone.

That’s all I have today!
I am looking forward to a grateful, sober weekend!

With Air Conditioning,
And a Fan,
On Day 1,009,


P.S. – We made plans to travel to Montreal, Canada!
I’m so excited! 
It’s supposed to be a very cool city to visit.

15 thoughts on “Friday In The City

  1. That's so cool how and where you're volunteering. And I've always wanted to visit Montreal. Heard many great things about it. Enjoy your hot weekend, going to be a hot one here too in the northeast.


  2. Hurrah For Coffee,I think I accidentally deleted your post.I think you said you would love to volunteer but are very buys.I know when I was teaching I had no time to volunteer. It was only after I retired that I could!xo


  3. I spent all day yesterday surfing stupid things on the computer, cabooses for sale, lighthouses for sale, the best crockpot salisbury steak recipe. I can't remember the last time I did that, it felt so good I may do it again today after I catch up with my blogging friends.We used Narcan as a reversal agent daily in the OR, I am so glad that it is being put to good use publicly and that it is being made available without a lot of red tape. Thank you for your volunteerism, it is an important service.Montreal does sound lovely.


  4. Hi Kary May,A caboose????A lighthouse???It has taken me awhile to learn how to live a calmer life after teaching. I think I was hooked on non-stop action.I didn't know you were a nurse!xoWendy


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