Being the Cool Sober People

Dear Readers,
Something cool happened last night!
Mr. UT and I went to a trendy downtown place to eat.
We brought along a bottle of Fre Brut (alcohol free champagne).

When we showed it to the waiter, he told us his girlfriend doesn’t drink, and he was interested in how this tastes. We told him to have sip.

Then one of the managers came over and asked if she could try it.
We said, sure!
They both came back later and said it tasted like one of their real champagnes.

Having people actually wanting to taste our AF drink was a new one for us!!
It made dinner so fun!
I really did feel like one the cool people, not drinking!

I have to say this was the first dinner where I really felt free being sober.
It’s such a wonderful feeling!

Much Love,

20 thoughts on “Being the Cool Sober People

  1. What a great idea. I drink non alcoholic beer sometimes which restaurants stock but doesnt really go with a meal. I've never tried any alcoholfree wine or thought to bring some to a restaurant.


  2. So awesome! No doubt this exchange you had with the restaurant staff will lead to other exchanges they may have with newly sober customers (or friends) and make those people's journeys a bit easier…


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