Dear Readers,
I used to love to bake.
I baked pies, sweet bread, whole wheat bread, and cookies.
I even baked my own wedding cake!

The reason I don’t bake anymore is quite simple: I eat ALL of it. Hubs maybe gets one cookie. Or, HE eats all of it and it’s not good for him to live on cookies!

I bake about once a year now.


But I as I am looking for something to do on cold days, I decided to make banana bread this weekend. Now when I told my dear Loved One this, his eyes lit up!!
Almost glowing!!
We even bought a new hand mixer as my old one was from 1976, an avocado colored Sunbeam!
We looked up a recipe on the Food Network (the Macy’s clerk told us to do that), went shopping for all the stuff, as we had none in the house, and I got to work.

I mixed, stirred, measured, and put the bread into the oven.
Now, as things have it, I don’t use the oven.
So I don’t know how to use timer, and I set it for minutes, not an hour. Of course it started beeping.
I couldn’t hear it, because I didn’t have all my ear hardware on!
After hubs informed me of the beeping, I set the microwave timer, instead. Problem solved!


There is an end to this story, and that is, the middle of the bread is RAW!
I didn’t bake it long enough!

Now the baked part tastes yummy!
I only ate 2 pieces so far, and so there is plenty of raw dough left for him!

I like baking because I can mix things up and have them come out into something good to eat! It’s fun, like a science project! 

Hubs and I decided it would be good if I baked something once a month.

If I were still drinking, my Loved One and I wouldn’t be joking about baking very much. We’d be arguing about my drinking, my hiding.

Note Written By Wendy to Wendy

Now we can be our silly selves, the lovers and friends we were meant to be, like we were way back when we met in high school. 
I love being home when he gets home.
I love giving him a hug after his hard day at work.

There is a freedom in sobriety that I cannot express in words.
I never knew it could be this wonderful.
I don’t say this lightly. It wasn’t easy to get sober, and I often struggled. 
But with each day, I find the secret held within; it is pure joy to be sober.

With Flour on the Floor and Dough on the Walls
On Day 466


22 thoughts on “Baking

  1. Yeah yeah baking whatever. What I want to know is where did you get that pitcher in the picture????? Did you get it at HomeGoods (cause I thought I saw one like it)? Anyway, I love it!And don't feel too bad, I bake a lot and I still have raw middles in my banana bread.Looks really yummy.Sherry


  2. I used to live in a share house with an avocado coloured loo! I love your note to yourself! I found some chocolate the other day in the back of the cupboard that I'd \”hidden\” from myself.. hahaha. You're banana bread looks delicious! xx


  3. I love your baking story 😃. I don't have the patience to measure the ingredients precisely to bake, maybe I should give it a try again, since I have sober steady hands these days! You and Mr Untipsy seem to have lots of fun adventures together! xx


  4. I baked my own wedding cake too! Is there a way to tie service to your baking? Bringing cookies to a shut in? Or daycare? Fresh bread for the St.Stephen's Mission? Then you can bake all you want! For me baking=healingg. Lori


  5. Hi Wendy. I just started baking again, too. So far a few batches of cookies and some gingerbread, and they were yummy! I'd forgotten how much fun it was to do something so plain and homey. I don't have a hand mixer though, so I do it by hand! Lovely to read about you enjoying life and being happily sober! xo


  6. you can come over anytime and bake for me 🙂 haha jk. try baking a quiche, they're really yummy and so easy!


  7. Ooh! I love baking too! That is one thing that I stopped doing once I started drinking. Last week, I baked a batch of toffee cookies for my boys and their friends. It's like Love you can eat!


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