Fun with Donuts!

Dear Readers,
Yesterday was one of my favorite days ever!
I actually got up early, for me, and had donuts and coffee with hubs.
Then I went to my favorite yoga class. 
(I know donuts and yoga maybe don’t mix, but it works for me! Well, kind of, as I felt a dough ball in my tummy!))
I had fun laughing and talking with yoga buddies, with lots of hugs.
Came home and went to brunch with hubs at a cool place in the city.
We laughed and talked and I ate a bunch! 
This place is known for its bottomless mimosas. I asked for a AF beer, but they didn’t have any. So I had a virgin Bloody Mary. YUM!! I forgot how good they are!! The salt makes me puffy, but I it was worth every sip and slurp! 
Then we went for a bit of shopping, and came home to a romp in the hay! 
We watched Orange is the New Black – first season, (yes, we are behind the times), ate chips and ice cream!
Went for a night walk, when all is quiet. In my pajamas!
So fun.
ALL of this was sober.
Never once did I wish I was drinking.
These are the days that are so satisfying.
It’s a deep down feeling of connection and love.

If you are struggling to stop drinking, it can be good. I really, really mean that.
I never thought it would be, but I proved myself wrong.

With Hugs and Love,
On Day 409

PS – As long as we were being bad, we got donuts this morning too! It is the weekend after all! Always a time to celebrate!

29 thoughts on “Fun with Donuts!

  1. Donuts! I love love good donuts. You just had a fun and happy day. Thank you for sharing it with us. I do believe that there is a better, fuller life for me on the other side. I just need to get there… 🙂


  2. Old fashioned donuts are my fave– I like mine glazed. Then you're really just eating sugar in a donut matrix:) You're weekend sounds perfect! Mine was too, it just feels good to feel good.


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