Small Treasures On Day 406

Dear Readers,
I told my Loved One that I wish I could be funny on my blog. 
I said, “My posts are so boring.”
He said, “Your posts are very thoughtful.”
I am SO glad I married him!

I keep looking at ways I can enjoy what I have, rather than lament about all I have not.
I keep looking at ways I can enjoy all I can do, rather than be sad about what I cannot do.

Yesterday, it was rainy, dark, and our first cold day. I spent the day in the house, mostly reading. It would have been better for me to get out for a little bit, but I didn’t.
Instead of feeling bad about myself, I looked at it in a different way.
I was so happy I could snug in with a good book, instead of racing off to work early in the morning.
I was happy I could make the bed, and put the dishes away, so the house looked nice when hubs got home.
I was even happy I could watch Dr. Phil.

I am finding it is the small treasures of life that are important. 
Did I water my flowers, feed my birds?
Did I do the laundry, make the bed?
Did I go to my AA meeting?
Did I take a walk and look for the beauty?
Did I spread some joy today? 
Call someone to make their day better?
Did I hug hubs when he got home?
Did I thank someone today?
Was I kind to myself today?

These are the little treasures of life, and I am only now understanding how powerful they can be.
Do I wish I could save the world?
I do. But I can’t. 
I can only do what I can to make this little bit of my world a place full of love.

I am finding I have to meet life on its terms.
Because in some areas I have so little control.
My age, my body, my eyesight, hearing, these are things I cannot control.
And although it sometimes seems my life is getting smaller, and narrower, it really isn’t.
It’s just different.

I went walking with a friend today around a city lake. Our city is full of fun things to do and see with many lakes and bike paths. Our fall is beyond beautiful.
We had a yummy lunch, and laughed al the way home.

I know if I were still drinking, I’d be missing out on these things.
I’d be so concerned about who and where I’d get my next drink with.
I would be sure any place we went had alcohol. 
Once I had some at lunch, I’d be sure to get more at the store.
And then hide it from my Loved One.
Who knew I’d been drinking anyway.

It kept me from being close to him.
It kept me a prisoner.
It certainly didn’t help my life become richer, healthier, or happier.

Learning to slow down has taken me a year, and it is still a struggle to not feel bad about myself at times.
But it is getting better.
This I know for a fact: all the work I am doing with my living angels has helped me love myself more so I can love other people more.
Getting sober was the first, most important step.

So here is my boring, thoughtful post today.
And by the way, I am very fun and funny in real life!
At least I tend to think so!

With a Laugh and Love,
On Day 406

12 thoughts on “Small Treasures On Day 406

  1. My deep belief is that by taking care of myself, I am taking care of the world- making it a better place.If that means I spend a day taking care of me, perfect.Some people have a big calling. But a smaller, more personal calling to love a simple, yet meaningful, life, is just as important and significant.Here's to lots of laughter and love!Anne


  2. Hi Wendy! I agree with your husband, your posts are always so thoughtful. Sometimes you're funny online, too! I always love to hear what you say about how you are living. And yes, it sounds like you do have lots of fun. xoxo


  3. Wendy, you are great and inspiring and thoughtful. You ate who you are and we love you for that. I can be really funny in person but I don't write funny stuff on my blog. I write what I have to say. I guess I don't even know how to be funny in writing. And I am okay with that. I am learning to slow down. It is so not easy. It is almost as difficult as sobriety. Love your blog. Don't change a bit!


  4. Your husband is right, you are never boring. We all need laughter in our lives but so often people use comedy as a mask to the world to hide their true selves. Carry on as you are. To thine own self be true. Flossie x


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