Strength on Day 231

Dear Readers,


I have the best people supporting me, including all my readers. I am always in deep gratitude for people’s help, hope, and strength. I often think God shows himself (or herself) through people.
If I quiet my mind long enough to listen to other people’s stories, I am reminded of our shared experiences. I am reminded of our need for love, belonging, power, and freedom.

Yesterday, I had the wonderful experience of meeting a woman who has been almost deaf for most of her life. She is considering getting a cochlear implant, and I was answering some of her questions.
Although her story was not exactly like mine, I felt a kindred spirit. A person who knows what it’s like to be “different”. She had a joyous attitude about life. I am always learning from people who have joy in spite of difficulties. It makes me step back and really ask myself what makes them so resilient? 
For her, it is faith. She just mentioned it in passing, but she said her faith is strong and it will get her through anything.

I also had the wonderful experience of meeting my life coach. I have been seeing her for almost a year. She is a powerful guide in my life, and I need to tell her that more often.
She is one reason I am sober today. She is one reason I went forward with my operation and now can hear. She is one reason I am letting go of things that no longer serve me, and open up to a loving Universe, a loving God, a loving way of treating myself.

Yesterday left me with a feeling of hope, happiness and joy. I was so happy to see my Loved One, and I’m pretty sure he was happy to see me! (Ha.)

Today, I know I don’t need to jump up and run around for the sake of doing something.
I understand I can breathe into the day. 

8 thoughts on “Strength on Day 231

  1. Great post Wendy. You sound like you're in a good place at the moment. What is a life coach exactly? I've heard about them but not sure what they do. A x


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