Strong Roots

We found these roots on a walk in Northern Minnesota, where the tree roots work so hard to find nutrients in the rocky, hard soil.Yet the trees grow and even thrive. And so, in hard and difficult times, I will remember that foods of love, support, and compassion, help people grow and thrive.

Strength on Day 231

Dear Readers,Spring I have the best people supporting me, including all my readers. I am always in deep gratitude for people's help, hope, and strength. I often think God shows himself (or herself) through people.If I quiet my mind long enough to listen to other people's stories, I am reminded of our shared experiences. I am reminded of our need for love, belonging, power, … Continue reading Strength on Day 231

Feel The Fear, But Do It Anyway!!

Dear Reader,I saw this someplace,A book,A post,And how true it isFor me.I am so much strongerThan I think!Everyone elseCan see my strength.It is time for me to see it.The funny thing is,I do the scary things,Just yelling and screamingThe whole time!LOLMakes me feel better.(My Loved One has to suffer, however!)When I first tried to get sober,It was … Continue reading Feel The Fear, But Do It Anyway!!