GO AWAY Scary Monsters!

Dear Readers,
I REFUSE to get down about having another cold.
I just won’t let my thoughts take me to that place!
Whatever place that might be! LOL
I say NO to my depressed, weepy, poor me thoughts.

This is one tool that worked for me in talking back to my drinking urges.
So, I am trying to see it it helps when I am feeling down.
I need a bunch of tools for everything! LOL

So when I am sick, and I get sick easily, I need to think of what I CAN do, not what I can’t do.
I might not be able to go to yoga for several days, but I CAN walk.
I might not be able to make it to all of my meetings, but I CAN make one.
I still CAN ask a friend to meet for coffee, OR
I CAN go through a drive through coffee shop!
I don’t HAVE to put on full makeup to go out. (Although I am scary without it!)

A Few of My Goals:
1. Be kind to myself. Treat myself with gentle hands.
2. Talk back to my depressive thoughts. Don’t let them sit there thinking they are right!
3. Help other people, give back, even if it’s just a nice thank you to the drive through coffee person.
4. When I am sick, (which happens a lot), do little things. Even making the bed feels good.
5. Never give up. (Unless it’s a head stand in yoga!)

To all my fellow travelers on the road of not drinking, I wish you peace today.

4 thoughts on “GO AWAY Scary Monsters!

  1. I'm so with you on this! Talking back to depressive thoughts is essential. Sometimes it's even a good conversation, when you can be gentle with yourself and ask what's going on. Hooray you for not letting it all get you down. I hope you feel better soon, though! xo


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