Date Night

Dear Readers,
Friday night, my Loved One and I went out to a jazz club.
We listened to some great live music.
We had a wonderful time. In fact, it was a better time than when I was drinking.
In the past, I would have had some wine before we went out. Then I’d try not to hog the whole bottle of wine while we were eating or listening to music. 
Many times I would be drunk.
I wouldn’t be concentrating on the event, or even my Loved One.
The whole night would have been planned around drinking.

Here’s the cool thing about this date night.
I didn’t want anything to drink.
This was a first for me.

I didn’t feel bad, or sorry for myself.
I didn’t waste a moment wishing I was a “normie”.
In fact, I was quite happy I would wake up sober.
I was happy I wasn’t tired and all foggy from drinking.
I truly never thought I could get to this point.

It really is better.
Peace and Hugs to all of my friends in recovery.

10 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. That sounds wonderful ;). Isn't it sad how much mental space the booze consumed? Spending so much time worrying about when and how much and where…ugh! Lori K


  2. Hi sweetie, beautiful and powerful blog sharing the msg of recovery and love, especially for the self. Love u lady Jessica


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