Getting Tuned Up

Dear Readers,
I spend a lot of time at the audiologist getting my hearing implant tuned up. 
I have to point to a form and tell her if the sounds I hear are too loud, too soft, or just right.
I am also learning how to filter out sounds that I don’t need, in order to hear conversation, such as silverware sounds.

Now that I am further along in my AF days, I can focus on tuning up other parts of me. 
(Trust me there are LOTS of things that need tuning up!)

Drinking just muddled up everything. It slowly took over all parts of me, and I had nothing left to give myself. When I drank, everything became too loud or too soft. I couldn’t filter things. I didn’t know what to pay attention to. 
Things I thought were so important when I was drinking, turned out not to be.
Things I thought were not important turned out to be very important.
The call of alcohol slowly became the only sound I listened to, and it was a very loud sound.

Meanwhile, my health, my hobbies, and my Loved One all became very soft. I couldn’t hear them anymore. I ignored them way too much. 

I am a seeker, a learner. I always have been.
But now when something good calls to me, I will be able to hear it, and it will sound just right!

8 thoughts on “Getting Tuned Up

  1. I'm so happy you are having success with your implant, I'm sure it's a major impact on your lifestyle, and your sobriety! Lori K xx


  2. Great post! I totally agree that alcohol can muffle the sounds of more important things in life. The longer I am not drinking, the more I realize how much of my life I previously planned around alcohol. Crazy!


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