Loving, Loving, Loving

Dear Readers,

I am in a better place today.
I went to out to dinner with some special people, and had a lovely time.
I looked great in my hot, black dress! LOL
I couldn’t hear all that well with my new implant, but I didn’t get all wigged out about it.
I didn’t want to drink.
Thank goodness, I was in a good place.
I felt very loved.

I have 3 more parties to attend.
If I can keep everything in perspective, I will have a nice time.
I don’t need to have a “super fun” time .
I don’t need to be all hyper and revved up.
I just need a warm, happy, loving connection with people I love.

They would like that too! LOL
Last night my Loved One was so proud of me!
(He really liked my dress too!)

So today, as I get ready, I’ll remind myself, by not drinking, I can be loving, not only to all my family and friends, but also to myself.

2 thoughts on “Loving, Loving, Loving

  1. Really proud of you, even though it may not seem like it at the time, but there is tremendous freedom in choosing to do the right thing, so glad to see you free and loved for it.. 🙂


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