My First Sober Dream!

Dear Readers,

Several nights ago, I had a dream about being sober. It was my first one ever! I thought it was cool.

I don’t remember all of it, but I was meeting a young woman who wanted to stop drinking. We were meeting in a fancy mall here in my city. When I got there, she was sitting at the table with a big glass of red wine! (Fancy THAT!)

I remember I was surprised to see her drinking, because I thought she wanted to stop. As we were talking, I remember she was coming up with excuses of why she couldn’t stop.  She had young children and was under a lot of stress. I remember I was telling her she could stop and it would be so much better.

I also remember I hadn’t persuaded her to stop.

I know I always had excuses why I didn’t want to stop drinking, even when it was bringing more pain than fun. I just thought it was the only way to deal with stress. I thought it was the only way to celebrate things. After I retired, it became the way I tried to stop feeling lonely.
I also know, I didn’t stop until I was ready. No one could talk me into it.

At the end, she was gone, and I was in a place ordering a non-alcoholic drink called “Blueberry Fizz”. Even though I was unable to help her, I was so glad I kept sober in this dream! And who knows? Maybe she is sober now, and I’ll meet her in my next dream!

6 thoughts on “My First Sober Dream!

  1. Congrats on your 100 + days! Those sober/drinking dreams can really shake things up, can't they? I've had dreams about drinking, but I wake up and happily realize I'm still sober, and wouldn't trade it for anything. Lori K xx


  2. the mind works in funny ways doesn't it? keep up the great work, I enjoy your Posts. hugs from


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