100 Days and Still Counting!

Dear Readers,

If there is one message I want to share, it is one of HOPE. No matter how many times I stopped drinking and started again, I NEVER GAVE UP. There were times I felt utterly hopeless, to be sure, but when those feelings passed, I committed myself to stop drinking again.

I want to carry this message in my brain forever, maybe tattoo it there! LOL 

Because this message is one for me to remember in all areas of my life, whether it be recovering from an operation, learning how to hear, dealing with my depression, and even simple things like cleaning the house! 

Today, my Loved One is taking me shopping for a new yoga top! Then we’ll join friends for some live music, and then we’ll go to dinner. I used to think a person didn’t need to celebrate for every little thing. But now I wonder. I am thinking its good to stop, cheer a little bit before I carry on in daily life. And even better, find all the things I can celebrate IN my daily life!

Here’s to the next 100 days!

4 thoughts on “100 Days and Still Counting!

  1. wow, that is really awesome. well done to you and you certainly deserve as many sober treats that you can muster. This IS a big deal.hugs from nzLisawww.thecword-compassion.com


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