To 90 Days With Love

Dear Readers,

Today is a day I mark with gratitude.

Thank you family. You are always there for me. I can cry, moan and you still love me. By accepting who I am, the good and the not so good, you are teaching me the deeper meaning of love. 

Thank you friends. You are my funny ones. You make me laugh when I get too serious and you love my quirkiness. LOL (Well, my family does too!)

Thank you yoga buddies and teachers. You welcome me with smiles, hugs and fun, every time I walk through the doors. We have become a community who help each other, celebrating where we are and yet encouraging each other to strive.

Thank you AA friends. You are showing me the way to live without drinking, You are my road map. I look at how your lives have changed for the better by not drinking. Amazing. 

Thank you on-line bloggers. I learned my best “tools” from you. I read your struggles, and I understand wherever we live, we have the same ones. 

Thank you dear Loved One. You have stood by me through the thick and thin. You took your wedding vows seriously. It wasn’t always easy, but you never gave up on me or us. I love you and thank you with all of my heart.

6 thoughts on “To 90 Days With Love

  1. Congratulations! I know how difficult it is to continue the fight everyday. You're an inspiration to me and I hope I can reach my goal as well.


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