Me Making Me Laugh!

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I think I am so funny! (My Loved One just doesn’t always think so. LOL) That’s okay. I think a person must make themselves laugh. As I go through my day, I think of things in a strange way, my way, and in doing so, I am happy.

On this journey of learning who I am, without numbing myself with alcohol, I see things more clearly. I see things with love, with grace. I see things with a calm joy. Not a jumping around joy, but a steady joy. 

I wonder if part of my drinking problem was a part of my “high, low” personality. I tend to be in a sprint or crashed. Learning to be in the middle is a bit tricky. I like the rush of the high and hate the low. The middle always seemed boring. Drinking helped fuel the “high”.

Now I am slowly learning a different pace. It’s a good one. The middle is becoming nice. It’s peaceful. This is the quiet joy. It’s in this place I laugh! 

3 thoughts on “Me Making Me Laugh!

  1. agree, isn't it a peaceful place to be. the ends of the emotional spectrum are lopped off for me now, and I enjoy the space inbetween SO MUCH MORE.peace to youhugs from


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