Party Time!

Dear Readers,

I am going to write in actual sentences today! (HA) It’s easier to say what I want in a regular paragraph or two, and I feel lazy today. Got my pj’s on, sitting around with my Loved One. Had pumpkin pie for breakfast and of course, drinking my favorite beverage, coffee!

I am going to be sober through this holiday season, for the first in several years. After I went to treatment I was sober one holiday time, but I was not happy about it. I wasn’t ready at the time.

This holiday is different. Blogging has helped me stay sober more than I ever knew it could. Just getting my thoughts and feelings out to my family, friends and the cyber world is keeping me accountable and open. 

I have more tools that I learned from my own research. Women for Sobriety is a great resource for getting tools and help. It was the first place I turned to. What I like about WFS is that they have an on-line forum as well as a live chat everyday. 

There are many good sites with great advice on how to get through the season sober, written by bloggers and others. Here is one by Mrs. D for what she calls “The Silly Season”. LOL Here’s a link to Psychology Today on coping with drinking at holiday time.

I have a few of my own;

1. Don’t buy any alcohol to bring home and don’t go out! (LOL)
(OK, the don’t go out part would be just fine for my Loved One, but not for me!)

2. If you go out, dress up, wear something sparkly! I love to feel pretty! Alcohol used to be a  part of how I THOUGHT I felt pretty. Now I know it just makes me look messy.

3. Go late, leave early. This really helps! I get to be a part of the event, without having to look at wine all night long! 

4. Always have a sober buddy! That can be a loved one, a friend, someone you can text or call. Let them know when you are going, when you get home, and that you didn’t drink! Some people call this “bookending”.  

5. Focus on the food! I didn’t used to say this. I’d worry about getting fat. Well, I got fatter from drinking on an empty stomach and then overeating! Enjoy the good food and flavors!

6. Pay attention to other people. Listen to their stories and laugh at their jokes! I am learning I don’t need to be the silly, drunk person telling stupid stories. I can be sober and tell stupid stories just as well!

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