Old Hangout

Dear Readers,

Tonight I went to dinner,
With my Loved One,
At one of my old favorite,
Drinking hangouts.

Felt only a little tiny bit 
Anxious at first.
But quickly moved on.

A bartender who remembered me
Came over and hugged me.
Asked if I I wanted some


I said, no,
I was good.

And so,
We ate really good food.
My Loved One even got himself,
A burger.
He doesn’t get these at home.
(Poor guy.)

When giving us the bill,
She (the bartender),
Said she never saw me anymore.
I was my brave self and said,
“Well, I am not drinking.”

It wasn’t awkward,
But it could have been.
I was unprepared
With a different type of answer.

I could have said,
“Oh, I’ve been busy with my operation,
and yoga,
and walking, 
and whatever.”

My answer was ok, 
I just don’t want to make
The conversation so 
Awkward that no one,
Including me,
Knows what to say next.

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