The Store Said WINE!

Dear Readers,

I never know
When or where 
A craving, Wolfie, (Thank you Belle)
My Evil Little Liar Voice,
Might show up.

Had a great day
Meeting a friend for coffee,
Getting treats
For special people,

When I saw it.

A store sign,
A big one,
In red letters,

And there you have it.
An urge..
Wouldn’t it be nice?

I had to do the yelling in the car trick.
Yes, it works!

Luckily, my ELLV
Slunk away.

But here’s the thing.
It’s close to the holidays.
Lots of people were out 
Buying yummy food, treats,
There were Thanksgiving decorations,
Christmas decorations everywhere.
I was dressed up, feeling cute.

Those are some
Triggers for me.
These times are going to be
A little more of a challenge.
That is why I must stay,
Awake, alert, aware.

(That DOESN’T mean I get to drink 
Coffee ALL day! LOL)

It means I have to
Go back to the 
The good and bad lists.
Reading my old posts.

I went on my way feeling happy.
In fact,
I felt happier.

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