Feel Better FAST!

Dear Readers,

I am realizing 
That it takes the body
And the mind,
A long time to 
From drinking too much.

I read that it takes time,
But patience is not
In my nature.

Now that I have been sober
For over 2 months,
I am starting to 
Feel and see the changes.

Not giant changes,
But little ones.

Like having a little more energy to

Try a new skill, hobby,
Walk outside,
Write this blog,
Clean a little more.

I notice my energy 
Is still up and down,
But a little more even.
Drinking sometimes gave me more energy,
But then I’d crash.

I have lost weight,
By not drinking.
Drinking messed up my blood sugar levels,
And I would often binge eat.

My depression is almost 
For years I suffered from depression.
It’s still there,
But it’s way more manageable.
I am exploring more,
Reaching out,
Looking beyond
A drink.

People say I look good.
(That’s with make-up on, dressed up!)

I asked my Loved One,
What he likes most about me not drinking?

He is happy he doesn’t have to worry.
He is happy I have more energy.
He greets me every day
With a beautiful smile, a kiss.

Beautiful, yes?

2 thoughts on “Feel Better FAST!

  1. Much love & support to you in both your lightest and your darkest moments. So glad you have your loved one- he sounds awesome. I love my husband so much and feel so grateful every day to be spending our lives together. :)<3


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