From Music to Cookies

Dear Readers,

I had an implant operation so I will be able to hear one day.
But I had to give up my music lessons.
For now.
We will see what happens,
When I get my processor.
Maybe I will be able to play, sing,
And hear my guitar and voice,
Maybe I won’t.

I cried. 

And then, I decided to make cookies.

I haven’t made cookies for
Ten years or more!

Why you ask?
Because I ate them all,
And my Loved One got none! LOL

I also am a messy baker.
Dough flies everywhere.
Now my Loved One, loves cookies,
But he’s kind of a neat-nick.
(Read: he hates messes.)

So buying cookies seemed like a better option.

But the cookies were good!
They were fun to make.
Taking a bunch of stuff and making something 

Like music.
Like painting.
Like teaching.

Like me!
I’m taking a bunch of stuff,
And making a new me!
It’s messy, but in this case,
My Loved One is happy!

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