Back to My Roots

Dear Readers,

When I was younger, 
I loved riding my bike.
Pure freedom.

I walked to concerts,
My boyfriends’ houses,

I never stopped myself
With thoughts of
I can’t 
Or I don’t feel like it.

Drinking stopped that
Instead it bottled me up,
Constrained me.
It lied to me and said,
“I am your freedom.”

Yes, I went walking,
To yoga, biking,
But the quality was not the same.
Walking with my Loved One,
Was replaced with,
Let’s have more wine.

I can’t go to yoga yet,
But I can walk.
I don’t care how I look,
(Even go in pj’s if it’s dark),
Just want to walk.
It is my mediation time.
When I feel the rhythm 
Of my feet.

Today it is snowing.
It’s cold.
But I will be walking.
Even for a few steps.

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