Drinking Depressed OR Depressed Drinking?

Dear Readers,

Having to go through a 
Major life change,
With a new way of hearing
Coming my way,

I can not imagine
The state I’d be in
If I was drinking.


Even if I was only drinking
A little bit,
I would get
Very depressed.

I had problems with depression before
My drinking became worse,
But the difference is amazing.
Now, I have “normal” depression.
(As my Loved One says, everyone gets down.)

As I got older,
It took less alcohol to 
Make my life SEEM bleak.

I’d be crying about all
The things
I didn’t have.
The dreams 
I didn’t make.

I’d be crying about
Life as it was.

Now after reading
Many books and articles,
I know how drinking affects 
My brain.
Not pretty.

Now, I don’t like being 
All depressed.
So each day I choose 
Not to drink,
Means another day,
I can look up!

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