A Snowfall with Naps

Dear Readers,

We were very lucky to get to visit New York City during this holiday season, before they started shutting down some venues due to the new Covid surge. I’ve always wanted to see the big Christmas tree, ice skating ponds, and other sights that I only have seen on television in New York. We had a wonderful time, and even got to see the Rocketts!

When I travel, I often am nervous, especially someplace new. This is partly due to my lack of hearing, especially in airports. I am also a bit nervous that someone will try to steal my purse, especially in any bigger city. Sometimes I think I am too trusting, and I smile too much at strangers!

In life, however, in every adventure I do, there are some risks. The key for me is to be aware of the risks, plan for something the might go wrong, and then just do it. I always seem to get through the fear on the other side!

Once I settled in to New York City, I just loved the adventure of eating in new places, and seeing sights I’ve only seen on television. It was crowded around the Christmas tree, but people were very respectful, and no one pushed or shoved! I loved hearing the different languages and seeing people from many different places, both visitors and workers.

One cab driver was from the Sudan. He works in the US driving cabs for 6 months, then goes back to see his wife and children for a while. He works hard to send money to help his extended family as well. He was such a positive delightful young man.

Now that we are back home, we’ve had more snow, and some warm and cold temperatures. Overall, it has been a very mild fall and early winter. January and February are our coldest months, though.

I also started volunteering in the assisted living home my mom lived in. It’s very close, and the workers and residents are wonderful people. Volunteering brings me great satisfaction and joy.

I have been taking naps every afternoon, and now my body craves them. I am not too productive after my naps, but I’m retired! Besides, Mr. UT makes dinner, so I hang out and watch him! That takes some work! LOL

This morning it was snowing again, just a light fluffy snow. Which brought a poem to my fingers!

Snowfall by Wendy

Like a mother who calms her crying baby,

With a little shush,

Every time the snow flies,

There is a little hush.


The city slows its hurry,

No one needs to rush,

Every time the snow falls,

It calms us with its touch.


Look out the window, snuggle in,

With a blanket and some tea,

Earth is telling all who listen,

To slow down and rest with peace.


With a Very Merry Christmas,

And an Iced Cold Brew coffee with cream,

On Day 2665,


16 thoughts on “A Snowfall with Naps

  1. What a great trip!! So glad you and Mr. UT did this! (Though what really caught my eye was the naps. Body/mind coming to expect the nap. This strikes me as an excellent excellent rhythm to have seep into one’s system.) Volunteering at your mom’s assisted living home sounds so sweet and wonderful. What a great way to connect.

    Happy holidays, dear Wendy!


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  2. I so want to see NYC in the winter! Been there once before I even had kids with Avery. Had a nice time but I was overall quite nervous. Actually I have a picture of the twin towers! We left 7 days before they went down.

    I love you are volunteering! What a great idea! Your mom is looking down at you so proud! 😊

    Merry Christmas to you both! ❀️

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