All the Leaves are Falling

Dear Readers,

I don’t write about not drinking much anymore, partly because my focus is on everyday life. Not that I don’t have an occasional thought about wanting a drink, but just that I know it’s not possible for me without probably overdrinking, so I dimiss that thought quickly.

There is nothing in life that drinking made better. Sure, it was fun at first, but later in life, it became a burden, something that brought more pain than fun. I also found that as my body got older, it did not handle the alcohol well. It affected me much quicker.

So now that my focus is off drinking or not drinking, my focus is on getting outside in nature as often as I can, and to keep moving my body, with walking, yoga and lifting light weights.

I love the four seasons we have in the mid-west. Each one has its unique qualities. I even love the hottest summer and coldest winter days, although I write this living in a house with air-conditioning and heating!

We are in the fall season here, and usually our leaves change vibrant colors. This year, we have sufferend under a severe drought and so they are muted, but still gorgous in my eyes.

After several hikes in the woods around our area, I had a poem pop up in my head. I love it when this happens, but I never know when it will!

Fruits of Fall by Wendy

Colors falling from the sky,

Cascading rainbows of leaves,

Red and oranges hugging tight,

For the sunrise to receive.


Windy sounds of colors,

Crunching yellows and browns,

Whispering sweet goldens,

For the evening skies are found.


I hold fall colors close by me,

And keep them in my heart,

To light a fire that warms me,

When winter’s cold and dark.


With Windy Raindrops,

On Day 2603,


PS – I thank you for your kind words and love on the passing of my mom. Time is helping, and I am feeling more at peace each day.

21 thoughts on “All the Leaves are Falling

    1. I am also a sober woman in recovery as well as a licensed professional counselor. I really love this post because I often teach my patients that connecting with nature is one of the best coping skills around!! I just recently opened my own private practice in Tempe, Arizona called Saguaro Behavioral Health. If you would ever be interested in collaborating or even allowing me to contribute as a guest, I would be honored. Thank you so much for your time and keep being fabulous!! Marnie Zang Katularu

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  1. great to hear from you..the poem is delightful and visual! Glad that you are enjoying the outdoors and keeping the mind and body in motion-part of me believes this is why i havent cared much about alcohol this year.No Cravings at all. I have drank a few on occasion but not over done it and wasnt even tempted. Wish i had started weightlifting again a lot earlier on! hugs!

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  2. I was just saying to my hubby how I’m not seeing the red pop out in the leaves this year. Still so pretty though! You always take the best pictures and I think it’s awesome you have your hubby to share these walks with! 😍❤️

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  3. I like the fact, that you admit that you don’t write about not drinking much anymore, because I have visited a couple of blogs about mental health and every day, they write about the same thing, and to be honest, after a while it gets boring. Life is more than not drinking; we have to get out an enjoy other things. Keep up the excellent work.

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