I Have To Write

Dear Readers,

I just have to write. I have nothing earth-shattering to say, as I think life is earth-shattering enough right now.

So I write what’s on my mind. I have a 95 year old mother who is safe and happy. I have a loving husband who got my car oil changed, my car washed in the BIG car wash, and stopped to get me a coffee. (Although, I had too much already!)

I got seven hours of sleep, laundry done, (yes, I did some of it too), and I fed the birds. I even changed out of pj’s by 11:00! I went to my first in person yoga class, (where we practice with masks on, open doors, and only a few people allowed in the class), and I saw real people! One was my teacher friend!

I came home to food, clean sheets, and love.

I often write of gratitude, hope, perseverance, spirituality, and resiliency. These big themes have helped me and other people throughout time. They continue to help me.

Life can be viewed as a burden or a blessing. Today I choose a blessing. Because our country is heavy right now, I choose to offer a breath of hope. I choose to go see my mom and see the beauty in her, and all the caretakers that serve her with a smile. I choose to go for a walk with Mr. UT, holding hands, while seeing the beauty in the world of trees. I choose to believe that good will prevail.

I am so very grateful I do not drink. What good would that do? Would drinking make any of the problems go away? Maybe for a minute. Then they would come roaring back, asking for more.

Mr. UT and I laugh a lot. He’s funny. Laughing does wonders for my body. When we go visit my mom, I will bring her that gift of laughter as well.

With a Sore Body,

On Day 2317,


PS – We went ice skating again! Super fun!

27 thoughts on “I Have To Write

  1. This is so beautiful!!! Really true how much it helps to focus on the little thing that make life so good. Where is your yoga place?! I doubt I’d go because I like my yoga very warm… but, still, happy you could find a way to make it work! In person yoga classes are one of the things I miss the most!

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  2. Thank you for your post and for sharing hope with us! I always love your pictures, especially when you add emojis and speech bubbles. Laughter IS good! 🤣💕

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  3. This warmed my heart! The coffee! The walks, the laughter, the love. I get my laughter from my year-old kitten, Luka, and his best toy the spider ball which has him flying all over the living room in wild, hour-long chases. Love to you nine days into 2021 🙂 Adrian.

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      1. I understand. I think I am slowly getting there but it needs a lot of practice and very mindful thinking. Less of the ‘reactive brain’ and more of the ‘processing’ one. Xx

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  4. omg IN-PERSON yoga? That sounds like a thing from the past ^^ I miss it so much! and ICE SKATING? So coooooool ! I am so jealous and so happy you can do these things. I hope you enjoyed them dear Wendy 🙂 Beautiful pics as usual xxxx Anne

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  5. I like positive! I was working on the 1st January and most of my customers were greeting me with “Happy New Year” and about 90% of them followed that with negative stuff about the year of covid.

    I got very low at one point (mid 2020) and realised that I had 2 options. Either I let it get to me mentally or I kick its arse – I chose the latter. I wasn’t going to let a damned pandemic screw with my mental health again. I worked hard to get out of that before. My customers negative comments got me thinking too tho’. I know this is personal and so I won’t go into details, but I’ve had much worse years in the past. I feel for anyone who hasn’t been as lucky as us, but nobody I love has been lost or ill over the last year. Even the ones who’re suffering from bad mental health are addressing it head on. I just can’t be as gloomy as many want me to be.

    It was so lovely to read your words. ❤

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    1. Thank you, SMW.
      I am keeping aware, but I am not down. And yes, when I lost my hearing, retired and got sober all at the same time, it was a horrible depressing time. So I know what you mean!
      We can’t live our lives like that, being so negative all the time.
      Hugs and love from Minnesota!!


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