Dear Readers,

This morning I when I went to write my morning intention, the word peace was the first one that came to mind. Today I want to send a feeling of peace to all the people I see, talk to, and the bigger world. Peace is a feeling of calmness, even with storms around. When I am peaceful, I am able to see things clearly. I seem to be able to accept the realities of life easier.

My inner peace needs strengthening. The stressful situation of suddenly being responsible for caring for my mother, put me in a highly anxious state, which was not helpful. It made it harder for me, Mr. UT, as well as my mom. She is getting settled into her new assisted living apartment, but my anxiety remains, thankfully, not as intense as it was.

What I find helps me the most is walking outside. No matter how anxious I am, if I go for a walk, I feel more at peace. Being outside and observing the natural world, helps bring my attention to the wider world, and a sense of wonder. Often, when Mr. UT and I walk, we can solve problems, think of ideas, and come up with possible solutions to situations.

Acceptance brings me peace. No matter what the situation, the only way for me to stay calm and peaceful is by starting where I am, or the situation is at this moment. I tend to think of all the possible things that can go wrong, then try to solve them, even though they haven’t happened! That’s rather hard to do! Planning ahead is good, of course, but it is a gift to plan for the future, but not live there.

I forget that writing brings me peace. It helps me clarify my thoughts, and let them go. Like setting them free! They like that! No more living in my head, they escape to look around! I never know what comes out of it, like today, a poem came out of my fingers!

Stepping into the forest,

There is wonder and dread,

Together, wrapped in muted shadows,

Inticing me ahead.

The trees hold their beauty,

Each path holds new delights,

Yet, the wrong step, or a fearless creature,

Might send me into flight.

I cannot stop the going,

It’s something I must do,

To feel my quickened breathing,

Gives life and feelings anew.

Me and Mom

With Walks and Coffee Galore,

On Day 2296,


30 thoughts on “Peace

  1. This is such a musing I can relate to. I can’t do a lot of walking about, due to a pulmonary disease, but I can remember the places I used to go.
    Your poem is lovely.

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  2. Lovely ladies! Thanks for sharing. I overthink things too and have to tell myself to stop imagining things that haven’t happened yet. It’s a waste of my time. Lately I’ve been repeating to myself “Be here, now.” 😊 I love your poem! It’s beautiful! I hope you continue your nature walks for peace. ❤️

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  3. Beautiful Wendy ❤
    I agree with you about the walking – "brings my attention to the wider world" is a wonderful way to put it. I also find it much less stressful to talk to hubs about serious things if we are out walking.

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  4. Beautiful poem and pictures. Your thoughts always seem so grounded and clear.
    I’m happy for your mom. As your become ok with this change your anxiety will fade away. It really just shows how much you love your mom.


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  5. Lovely poem
    Lovely post
    Lovely photos
    I think calm and peace are the most amazing gifts sobriety gave me. They aren’t always present but now I have experienced them, I know they are in my reach even when I can’t quite see my path.

    So nice to read you again Wendy
    Much love

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  6. Being outside puts me in a place where the human stories can much more easily fall out of my head. The abstractness and beauty of the sky and trees and birds, and the sound of the wind, activate a deeper and better part of me. I think I left a huge amount of depression and stress in the mountain air of Ecuador in my 20s, though hopefully it has floated away by now 🙂 And Minnesota works marvelously, too. Thank you for your poem!!

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    1. Yes, the wind! I love all the sounds of nature!
      One time camping in the Grand Tetons with Mr. UT, there was a huge wind storm..I got so excited, jumping on a picnic table and fell off! Lol


  7. Just reading this made me feel so peaceful and smiley! I always love your photos and the picture of you and your mom is precious! I thinks it’s so very awesome you guys walk together and problem solve/plan ahead together. I’m so glad your back on WordPress! I love your poem too! 😍😍😍

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