Escaping to My Music Part Two

Dear Readers,

Mt. UT and I were lucky to escape to the what we call the North Shore of Minnesota, on Lake Superior. (Read Part One Here.) We’ve been here before, during each of the four seasons, but I think fall is my favorite. I can’t seem to find words that haven’t already been used to describe the beauty of rivers, leaves, waterfalls, and the vast lake.

I can, however, write my feelings most easily with photos we took.

A Poem by Wendy

Steep stairs,

Of strong boulders,

Beckoning me up,

Not letting me rest,

Until they show me the prize.

Waterfall glistening,

Tumbling rapids,

Canyons deep and dark.

Powerful visions,

Beauty in sounds,

I hold this tight to my heart,

So I won’t forget,

The strength.

With So Much Gratitude,

On Day 2208,

Love Wendy

14 thoughts on “Escaping to My Music Part Two

      1. It’s been rough! Lots of pain, nausea, can’t keep food down but yesterday she walked out of her room! I was so excited and she sat on the couch and ate and kept down food. She ate a couple times during the day too! She even was telling me some wacky dreams she had and laughing. It was great to hear that laugh! No vomiting at all yesterday. It’s a very slow recovery but hoping yesterday was the start of a small break for her! Thanks so much for asking!! ❤️❤️❤️

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