What Makes a Good Marriage?

I have no idea! LOL

All I know is that Mr. UT and I started dating in 11th grade of high school, and today, August 21, have been married for 44 years! That makes 51 years of being together!

We’ve had fun times, happy times, sad times, stressful times, angry times, hilarious times, scary times, but always loving times. Mr. UT has been through almost all my operations with me, 12 out of 14 of them. (He had no idea how costly I was going to be! LOL) He hung in there when my drinking increased. That takes commitment and fierce love.

We love to do things together! We love to go on adventures, big and little ones. And we love to laugh!

Now that we are both retired, we are enjoying each other so much. I love having my husband be my lover, my helper, and my friend.

With Our First Dinner Outside in a LONG Time,

On Day 2178,

Wendy and Mr. UT

31 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Marriage?

  1. Hi Wendy!

    Happy anniversary! And best wishes for many, many more!

    Your posts always touch my heart — your joy and gratitude, your honest expression of pain or struggle, your overarching hope!

    I celebrated 2 years of sobriety last Sunday. I’m moving to Step 4 in A.A. and have begun attending CODA meetings. My life is fundamentally different and better than it was 2 years and one week ago. And, there are many people to whom I am grateful and for whom I’m grateful — who have stood by me, comforted me, challenged me, encouraged me, and sometimes been role models without even knowing it. You have been a constant source of inspiration and support for me. I’m truly grateful and appreciative for you and all you’ve done for me.

    All the very, very best to you and Mr UT!


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  2. I so love the honesty here. No, ‘we’ve never had an argument in our lives,’ nonsense. But always kept together, with the glue of love. May you both have many more safe, healthy, and contented years together. God bless you. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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    1. Thank you, Clive! We both look back and are kind of in awe! It’s true what they say, we were so busy going to school and working, that we didn’t see the beauty of our marriage unfold. In recovery, I really woke up to seeing the full strength and became very grateful.


  3. Happy Happy Anniversary!! I absolutely LOVE this post! Today is mine and my hubby’s anniversary! 24 years married but together 30 years! Like you both we were high school sweethearts! ( 10th grade for us) We were also voted “class couple” in our senior year. I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else! I love all your pictures too! I hope you had a fabulous dinner outside celebrating! ❤️

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  4. Congratulations.
    I have to say seeing anniversaries makes me a little jealous. Craig and I were together 25 years and I thought we would be together indefinitely.
    Getting divorced was just so unexpected…

    But I’m glad to see people with enduring relationships. It reminds me that there is love out there!


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  5. Hi Wendy

    Happy happy anniversary to you lovely lady. Like Anne said above, I am a little jealous because I’m having a tricky time in my marriage right now. I loved reading your post and it’s just so wonderful to see your gorgeous photos. You look so happy together ❤️💕🤗

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      1. I get so cross with myself Wendy. I was infuriated just this morning because I can’t seem to appreciate what I have. What is wrong with me that I can’t be grateful for having what I do?

        I’m so delighted that you have so much love in your life xxx

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  6. Happy Belated Anniversary to you both!! Wendy, you look so wonderful it’s hard to believe you’ve undergone 14 surgeries. Yikes! Your photos are gorgeous! I think what has kept us going through turbulent times (will be celebrating 50 years this January) is our strong faith in God and patience with one another. The longer the marriage the more patience, lol. Wishing you many more anniversaries.
    Blessings to you both. xx

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