A Blue Sky Day!

Dear Readers,

I am reconnecting to my writing. I have missed it, but felt such a void of thoughts and words, I really had nothing to say. So many people are suffering in so many ways, that anything I think of to say or write seems trivial.

My emotions have run all over the place. I’ve had few days of intense loneliness, as Mr. UT and I have tried to keep as safe as we can to not catch the virus. I miss being able to travel, to go visit my family, to go to my yoga classes, to see people, and mostly I miss hugs.

Several times I have wished I could drink. As always, I tell my Twitter #recoveryposse friends, and Mr. UT, to help me let those thoughts go.

What has sustained me through this time is faith, perseverance, giving to others, and gratitude. I have faith things will work out. Maybe not in the way I want it, but it will be all right.

I have a strong sense of perseverance. Having survived other hard things in my life, I know I can survive now.

In serving others, I have been able to continue volunteering making kits with Naloxone at home, and those kits are being used daily in Minneapolis.

Gratitude is the foundation of my strength. I am incredibly grateful I have Mr. UT in my life. He has made life so much better for me. I am grateful for all I have, and I have plenty. I have more than enough.

Self-pity does not serve me well. I might muck around in it for an hour, but I always manage to self-talk my way through it. (I can’t look older and cuter with self-pity, either! LOL)

Right now, I am living in the present moment, just looking at today. Mr. UT and I make plans each night for the next day. Walking, bike riding, canoeing or golfing is high on the list. We love being outside together!

Now, Mr. UT is a miracle man. He is way more productive than I am, so he will get up early and have the laundry done before I am half awake! He brings me coffee every morning, makes dinner, fixes anything that needs fixing, grocery shops, washes windows, and more. I told him he is making me lazy! I love making the bed, and straightening the house each day. Little things make a big difference.

I have finally felt comfortable to have a friend or a couple come over to sit outside on our deck, which has helped with loneliness. I have gone for a walk with a friend.

Here is the secret I am learning. Every human contact I make, I try to make it joyful for the person I meet. I smile at everyone I walk by. I wave. I try to say something positive or funny to any grocery clerk I meet. The other day I went into a clothes store, quickly to return something, and I got so emotional seeing a person! I just told her I was so happy to see her today! She told me she was so grateful to hear that message from me. It was a brief, but heart-felt connection.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I found an outdoor yoga class I could attend. I know this beautiful teacher. I brought Hershey Kisses to pass out to everyone! Only 2 people wanted some, the rest were yogis and wanted carrots I think! I, on the other hand, ate so many I got sick at night! Yet still managed some ice cream!

On a Blue Sky Day,

On Day 2158,


33 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. What a lovely post. Times are hard right now and connections difficult. You are making the most of every chance to connect and I bet you’re helping loads of people to feel less isolated. You brighten up my day, that’s for sure. X

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  2. Happy birthday. Glad you managed to stay positive through the past several months even if it wasn’t easy at times. I was depressed for the first couple (and didn’t realize it at all, per usual lol) but I’ve figured out a routine to keep my eyes up. Here’s hoping it ends soon. :O

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  3. Oh Wendy, how I have missed you lovely posts. So positive with gorgeous photos that always make me smile. You really have a good man there in Mr UT. Do you hire him out?

    It’s been a really tricky time and so difficult to stay upbeat and positive. Sounds like you are doing some great self talk though and so glad you found an outdoor yoga class. I’ve been using an app and doing it alone but I quite like the ‘me’ time so that’s ok. So lovely you are back 🥰😍😘

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  4. Hey sweet Wendy! So lovely to get words from you. Hang in there — we will get through this. I’m so happy you are able to continue with your volunteer gig. Grateful that you and Mr. UT have eachother 🙂 And I hope that more outdoor hangings-out with friends are in your future. I find those so rejuvenating, myself! Sending much love. Adrian

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  5. Inspiring!!! I, too, feel uber-grateful for everything I do have; I think that’s maybe a (fortunate) byproduct of getting/being sober. In any case, I love the outdoors, too, so, I think for those of us who like doing things in nature, we can still do those things and be happy…

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  6. Hi Wendy. It’s so good to see you back. I have missed your lovely posts and pictures. It’s been a tough year for sure. I just couldn’t take Twitter anymore so glad I found you here. I can relate to your thoughts. After well over two years of sobriety I have been romancing drinking. Ugh! It doesn’t help that the hubs hubs is laid up with a broken foot and can’t do anything. He is so much like Mr. UT and does everything for me. Now I get exhausted and think how easy it would be to crack open a bottle. I won’t do it but even thinking about it after all this time scares me. I am so done with 2020! Anyway, Happy belated birthday! I am an August baby too. 🙂
    Hugs to you both xx

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    1. Joni! I so understand!!
      If something happened to my husband, I know I’ll be fighting the drinking thoughts a lot!
      We only have a few months until 2020 is over! We can do this!
      I hope your husband heals fast!


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