Holding Hope

So happy we can walk outside!

Dear Readers,

I’m writing this on my iPad, which I have done before, but it sure isn’t easy!
I have to stay away from Mr. UT because he is working with our computers, and is in his “work mode”! Yikes! Lol

We were lucky we had already adjusted to both of us being home all day together, as he retired last year, and actually it was an easy adjustment. I know, however, it is a trying time for many couples, and families.

For some reason, I am more hopeful these days. I was so worried and anxious last week, but I continue to look at the bigger picture. This is life. I can accept it, or not. I choose to take it as it is coming. If we lose our retirement funds, we have many options to cut way back on spending. If one of us get sick, we live in a place we can get help. If our families have problems, we have always supported each other.

I am making a little video with some preschool finger plays I know, to send to my neighbor’s wee, cute children. I taught them yoga once, which was hilarious! I can’t wait to do that again!

I wrote this poem, and as I finished, I realized it was a love poem.

Lay down your sorrows

Lay down your fears, 

Put your head on my pillow, 

And rest yourself here. 

Lay down your worries, 

Lay down your fears,

Put your head on my heartbeat,

And rest yourself here. 

The birds are still singing, 

The sun rises each day,

Hold hope in your spirit, 

In my love you will stay. 

Holding Hope in my Heart,

On Day 2027,


39 thoughts on “Holding Hope

  1. Oooh…. you romantic you. That is divine. And a big tree too. Sending love right back to you. ❤️

    And: “I have to stay away from Mr. UT because he is working with our computers, and is in his “work mode”! Yikes! Lol” – I so get this!!! 😂👌

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  2. This is just lovely! I always love your blogs and pictures. They always make me happy! I love the pictures of you all bundled up like the one in this blog. Just so cute and carefree. Thank you for all your posts! ❤

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      1. They sure are! Doggie is doing much better and horse still has his injury but i’s not progressing worse so that’s a step in the right direction! The other animals are doing great! Thanks for asking Wendy! ❤

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  3. So glad you’re feeling calmer! Even though the sensation of worrying feels necessary and even protective, it’s not and I’m so happy when I can know this in my very muscles. Not worrying can seem almost irresponsible in some circles (Minnesota is pretty exceptional at this, I think), and I’m glad you’ve been able to let that go and find acceptance and even hope. I am, too, at the moment 🙂 Sending much love. Adrian

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  4. Hi Wendy,
    I’m with you. Last week was my low week – I could feel the anxiety rising. This week, much more accepting of what is. My dog couldn’t care less and the boys know it’s serious and yet, they are oblivious at the same time. That’s kind of comforting. Lots of good news coming out of Singapore and Taiwan, who directly experienced SARS, so they were right onto this weeks and weeks ago. If we can be as diligent as them, this may pass quicker than forecast. But will people be as meticulous as them? I hope so. Love that first photo in particular. Stunning. Seeya.

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  5. Hi Wendy, what a wonderful post! I agree, we need to stay informed but not panic. That’s not to say I haven’t felt panicky some days. Only yesterday the hubs and I raced through a local grocery store to pick up essential items wearing masks and gloves. Holy Moly! No one could have predicted any of this. Like you and Mr. UT – staying home together is our way of life since retirement. Thankfully, we are still able to take our long sunset walks. Love your poem and photos! Sending love and hugs to you both from Florida!
    J xx

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